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Ellen Mirojnick and John Glaser interview: ‘Bridgerton’ costume designers

“It was the greatest adventure I think one could ever dream of,” exclaims Ellen Mirojnick, costume designer of “Bridgerton.” Mirojnick, an Emmy winner for her costumes in 2013’s “Behind the Candelabra,” and fellow designer John W. Glaser created a myriad of period looks for the Netflix drama from Shonda Rhimes about romance in Victorian-era England. However, like the show’s diverse cast Mirojnick and Glaser put a modern twist on the show’s lavish period wardrobe. Watch our exclusive chat with Mirojnick and Glaser above.
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‘Bridgerton’: Ellen Mirojnick Made 7,500 Costume Pieces for the Period Netflix Series

Netflix’s “Bridgerton” takes place during 1813 in the aristocratic environs of London’s Ton, the upper-crust social circle who formally meet for a season every year to marry off the set’s eligible women. It’s the world’s fanciest meat market, replete with endless social calls, dances, and very symbolic walks in the park — and everyone involved must look their conspicuously consumed best.