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JD Shelburne Hits His Stride on New Album Straight from Kentucky: 'I Feel Like It's My Time'

Life has long been a waiting game for JD Shelburne. At 38 years old, the proud Kentucky native with the country music pedigree has long played small gigs for measly audiences and miniscule tips. But last year, when he finally reached a place in his career where he had established the fanbase and the momentum to release his debut album, and when he finally received the news that his wife was expecting the baby they had long prayed for after dealing with infertility, the pandemic took hold. Tour dates were canceled, and album prep was scratched and Shelburne - along with the rest of the world - found himself without any sort of game plan.
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Past, Present, Future: Ahmarean Brown

When South Carolina lost short area quickness and home run ability in wide receiver Shi Smith, the new coaching staff went to the transfer portal and pulled out Ahmarean Brown. With Smith now in the NFL, Brown has come to campus in Columbia with his own reputation of taking the...
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Meet Oakland’s All-Star Candidates

Matt Olson is a strong All-Star candidate from the A's.Keith Allison, Creative Commons Attribution. Welcome to the third edition of my monthly look at how the Oakland A’s 2021 season is unfolding.
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Juno Temple Joins Paramount+’s The Godfather Miniseries The Offer

According to Deadline, Juno Temple (Killer Joe, The Other Boleyn Girl) has been tapped to join Miles Teller in Paramount+’s upcoming limited series titled The Offer, centering around the behind-the-scenes story of 1972’s The Godfather. Temple is set to portray the role of Bettye McCartt, who is the assistant to Teller’s producer Al Ruddy but a powerhouse in her own right.
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Cutting-Edge AI Completes Rembrandt’s Damaged Masterpiece

Although the phrase “The Night’s Watch” undoubtedly summons in your mind Game of Thrones, there was another Night Watch in pop culture long before George R.R. Martin’s defensive, chilly squad. Indeed, in 1642, Dutch painting icon Rembrandt painted a masterpiece with the same name; one that would eventually see its sides clipped. Now, however, thanks to “cutting-edge” artificial intelligence, specialists have restored Rembrandt’s masterpiece to its full glory.
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Robert Duvall’s Single Line in ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ Was Cut

It turns out that the character of Arthur “Boo” Radley in the 1962 classic To Kill a Mockingbird actually did speak. Robert Duvall revealed that he had one line (later cut) as the character in what was his first film, based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Harper Lee. The...