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Embattled Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes back in court as trial date approaches

Embattled Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes will be in California court Tuesday as both sides prepare for her upcoming summer trial. Holmes, who is pregnant, is slated to stand trial starting on Aug. 31 in connection with federal charges of wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Pre-trial motion hearings are scheduled for both Tuesday and Wednesday at 10 a.m. local time.
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Sales of Elizabeth Holmes swag are soaring online

When it comes to fame and infamy, former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes has apparently cornered the market. Internet sellers are cashing in on mugs, T-shirts and even shower curtains in the weeks before her criminal fraud trial starts in August. A review of online stores shows more than 50 listings...
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A Privilege Lesson from Elizabeth Holmes: Have a Look at Your Engagement Letter. At the Very Least, Have One.

A federal magistrate judge in San Jose, California, last week opened the door to the possibility that a trove of emails between lawyers at Boies Schiller Flexner and officials at Theranos could be submitted as evidence in the upcoming criminal trial of the defunct blood-testing company’s founder Elizabeth Holmes. While exactly what is contained in those emails will have to wait to be seen, one nugget from the decision over whether the communications were privileged jumped out: Boies Schiller didn’t have an engagement letter with Theranos or Holmes.

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes has over 100 questions for jurors

Theranos Inc. founder Elizabeth Holmes has more than 100 questions for potential jurors in her coming fraud trial, including whether they have ever called a radio show, posted opinions on social media or taken any medication that could affect their ability to serve. Ms. Holmes’s lawyers have proposed the queries...

Elizabeth Holmes Emails With Boies Are Fair Game for Trial

Theranos Inc. founder Elizabeth Holmes lost a fight to limit what jurors can learn at her criminal fraud trial about how she worked with lawyer David Boies to try to stop an expose by the Wall Street Journal ahead of the startup’s collapse. A judge on Thursday ruled that a...

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes wants to ask jurors more than 100 questions

Elizabeth Holmes’ attorneys have more than 100 questions for prospective jurors, including things like how often they check social media, and which platforms, and whether they have a Netflix subscription, according to the Wall Street Journal. Holmes is facing a jury trial later this summer. She was indicted for wire...
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Elizabeth Holmes trial jurors will get hear some about her lavish lifestyle

A federal judge has ruled that prosecutors in the Elizabeth Holmes fraud trial can describe some of the former Theranos CEO’s high-flying lifestyle. Judge Edward Davila, in an order filed May 22, found some lifestyle evidence was admissible because it allowed prosecutors to make a case about Holmes’ motive, knowledge and intent. Davila, however, barred prosecutors from trotting out details that could potentially prejudice the jury against her.

From Private Jets To Luxury Hotels, The “Lavish Lifestyle” Of Elizabeth Holmes Will Also Be Put On Trial

Theranos founder and infamous grifter Elizabeth Holmes is preparing for her criminal trial, set to begin in August, as new details regarding what prosecutors can and cannot bring up in court emerge. Holmes previously requested that the prosecution be prohibited from bringing up her “lavish spending,” reports Business Insider, saying it was irrelevant to the case, citing the "prejudicial danger" of misleading the jury, according to a court ruling filed on May 22. And while certain aspects of Holmes’ petition were upheld, the prosecution has been granted permission to “bring up evidence that shows Holmes wished to become wealthy” as a result of Theranos.

Elizabeth Holmes jury to hear of faulty Theranos tests from patients

Jurors will be able to hear limited evidence of Theranos Inc. founder Elizabeth Holmes's wealth, and from customers who said they got faulty blood-test results, a judge concluded in a weekend order that will help shape her criminal fraud trial. Ms. Holmes faces multiple counts of mail fraud for allegedly...