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Restaurant From Chicago Opening Soon

Get yourself a Chicago dog and Italian beef when this new restaurant opensSyed F Hashemi/Unsplash. For any snowbirds or Midwestern transplants living in the greater Phoenix area that have been craving the Chicago-style flavors of back home, there are a handful of restaurants spread throughout the Valley that do offer some of the regional cuisine. Most of this is centered around Chicago-style pizza, but there are a few other options out there. However, a new restaurant coming soon is poised to expand the options for anyone that has been searching for flavors of the Windy City and has come up short.

Pelosi and Biden muddle up speeches in awkward press conference gaffe

House speaker Nancy Pelosi drew a laugh from the crowd on Tuesday as her speech at an event got mixed up with that of president Joe Biden.On Tuesday, Mr Biden signed a bill to make the CHIPS and Science Act — bipartisan legislation that will inject approximately $50bn into the US semiconductor industry — the law of the land.He was joined by many House and Senate members who shepherded the legislation.The bill is meant to boost US competitiveness vis-à-vis China by onshoring the manufacture of semiconductors that go into cars, computers, mobile phones and all manner of devices, through...

2 men charged in Suffolk County store burglary spree

NEW YORK -- A Long Island man charged in a crime spree across Suffolk County appeared before a judge on Wednesday.Police say small shops from Bay Shore to Islip, West Islip, Oakdale, Bohemia and Lindenhust were targeted since late May, some multiple times.In all, there have been at least 14 burglaries.Surveillance video captured the alleged serial burglar throwing a rock through the glass door at Bang Bang Burritos in West Islip and then ripping out cash resisters.Moments later, a neighboring ice cream shop was struck.Robert Porter, 55, of Kings Park is charged with 14 counts of burglary."We are here all day long, and we work hard for what we have and for someone to just come in here and take what they want, I'm glad, I'm honestly glad, he got caught," burglary victim Barbara Pagliarulo said."You couple that with supply chain issues that exist and prices of everything are going up, the merchants are trying to hold the line on prices. It's just very unfortunate this is where we are right now," said Rich Carpenter, president of the West Islip Chamber of Commerce.An alleged accomplice, 56-year-old Eric Hyndman, who is homeless, is charged in four of the burglaries. 

Woman demands husband share late ex-wife's savings

Is one’s step-daughter entitled to their ex-wife’s money?. Managing and distributing finances can be confusing in a blended family. Since the children involved might have more than one monetary source, the stepchild or stepmom could become jealous.

Grilling Beef Outdoors From Our Prepper Freezer | Using Food From Our Preps

We are grilling up some steak for dinner. Sides are homegrown potatoes and corn. I love to make meals with as much as we can grow here to eat. Unfortunately, we don't have a beef cow, so we try to find deals in the area on it. We are treating ourselves after a long day of working on firewood. A big hearty meal will do the trick, and we sleep like babies. Thanks for watching.

Voices: Woodstock ‘99 rape survivors deserve more than a five-minute mention

Forget Fyre Festival – Woodstock ‘99 was the original masterclass in how not to organise a large-scale music event. Beyond just pissing off a bunch of rich kids with shoddy accommodation and lacklustre sandwiches, the orchestrators of Woodstock ‘99 failed to factor in basic requirements, such as security, sanitation and public welfare – to the point attendees literally burnt the thing to the ground (with candles provided to them by staff, of course). As younger generations are now discovering through Netflix’s new three-part docu-series Trainwreck: Woodstock ‘99, in addition to the piles of trash, lack of hygiene, water (unless...