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NJ Scam Gone Bad: FBI Wanted Men Target the Wrong Couple

"Will" from Marshall Van Lines is actually Waled M. Elfki and he's wanted by the FBI.Photo byBergen County Prosecutor's Office. What would you do if you were planning a stressful move from one state to another, you hire a seemingly professional moving company, and then the company steals all of your belongings? That’s exactly what happened to Point Plesant-based tattoo artist, Sydney Smith this past Friday.
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How Comedy Duo Cody Ko and Noel Miller Built a Growing Podcast Network With Tiny Meat Gang Studios

Many fans of Cody Ko and Noel Miller — aka the Tiny Meat Gang — know the two former Vine stars for their freewheeling YouTube video collabs. But the heart of their entrepreneurial endeavors lies in podcasting, and Ko and Miller’s fledgling Tiny Meat Gang Studios is aiming to plant a flag as a next-generation comedy podcast network. They formed Tiny Meat Gang Studios in October 2021, anchored by their flagship “Tiny Meat Gang Podcast.” Ko and Miller debuted the podcast in 2017 — after YouTube was demonetizing their videos for profanity, and they were looking for a new source of...
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Mysterious Object Found on Florida Beach Is Likely a Shipwreck from the 1800s, Archeologists Say

Experts believe erosion from recent hurricanes helped unearth what is believed to be a wreck from the 19th century The mysterious item that recently appeared on a Florida beach could be a shipwreck from more than 200 years ago, according to experts. Beachgoers came across the enormous object — which is believed to be 80 and 100 feet in length — on Daytona Beach Shores over Thanksgiving weekend, according to the Associated Press. County officials have said the object was unearthed, in part, due to erosion caused by Hurricanes Ian and Nicole,...

RNA interference regulates intestinal function and overall gut health

Besides the skin, the digestive tract is the tissue that is most exposed to environmental influences such as bacteria and viruses. Therefore, cells that form these barriers to the interior of the body also have special defense mechanisms. A research team led by Professor Dr. Thorsten Hoppe has now shown...

600,000 People Killed in German Attack on Russia in the Siege of Leningrad

The World War II Siege of Leningrad is known as one of history's greatest tragedies. Photo by(Daniel Stuben/Unsplash) The Siege of Leningrad was the invasion of the Soviet Union by Nazi Germany. It happened in 1941 during World War II. Nazi Germany conquered half of Europe and a part of Russia. Leningrad, now known as St. Petersburg, was the capital of the Russian Empire. It was the original target of the German invasion in June 1941.
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Chrishell Stause’s ‘Classic and Elegant’ Messy Bun at the 2022 People’s Choice Awards Has a $99 Secret: Details

Chrishell Stause’s 2022 People’s Choice Awards glam was the perfect fusion of sultry and sweet — and what could possibly be more fitting for the Selling Sunset star?. The real estate agent, 41, hit the red carpet for the awards show on Tuesday, December 6, alongside her fellow costars. But first: she worked with celebrity hairstylist Bradley Leake, who gave her a 2000s-inspired updo — and exclusively told Us Weekly’s Stylish how he got the look.

Woman says boyfriend cheated on her and dumped her after she donated him her kidney

A woman was dumped by her boyfriend after she donated her kidney to him, which he claims she did to ‘look good’. Colleen Le, a 30-year-old woman from the USA, revealed that her then-boyfriend suffered from chronic kidney disease due to which he had to undergo dialysis at the age of 17. She volunteered to give him her kidney after confirming that they matched. But the duo broke up a few months later after he cheated on her.

Georgetown resident wins $1 million on scratch off ticket

GEORGETOWN, Texas — Someone in Georgetown is a $1 million richer from a Texas Lottery scratch off ticket. That person bought a Power 200X ticket at H-E-B Food Store #774, located at 19348 Ronald W. Reagan Blvd in Georgetown. The winner has decided to remain anonymous. There are more...
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Chocolate Christmas calendars that might have salmonella got recalled in 9 states

An edible Christmas calendar that has chocolate and cream-filling has been recalled from Lidl supermarkets in nine states and Washington, D.C., after the chain’s testing found salmonella. The supermarket chain’s FDA-posted recall notice said “routine testing” found salmonella in Favorina’s Advent Calendar (Premium Chocolate with a Creamy Filling). They...

Mother says Destin school nurse swapped daughter’s ADHD medication for Aleve

DESTIN, Fla. (WKRG) — Mother of sixth-grade twins Diane Lansing said her daughter Harper noticed her Adderral medication at school looked different, but she never expected to uncover an alleged criminal act. Destin Middle School nurse Makayla Lacey Crandall, 27, is charged with three counts of grand theft of...

Dog Who Swam Across Hudson River Rescued By Firefighters

A puppy who got separated from his family after jumping into the Hudson River in Manhattan survived the experience, next touching land in New Jersey, according to multiple reports.Bear, a seizure-service dog, was reunited with his family on Tuesday, Dec. 6 after the puppy broke loose from his colla…