Edward Snowden

SCOTUS leak channels Edward Snowden

If I could ask only one person about this week’s bombshell revelation from the United States Supreme Court, it would be Edward Snowden. Snowden sacrificed his career and risked his life to expose the inner workings of a government initiative because he believed what he saw was wrong and fundamentally un-American.
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Zcash Media reveals Edward Snowden is John Dobbertin

Zcash Media has revealed famous NSA whistleblower David Snowden is John Dobbertin, the final pseudonymous person that helped create the privacy cryptocurrency Zcash (ZEC). Snowden confirmed this revelation during an interview with Zcash media. The 37 Laines division published an educational video based on the interview. Dubbed The End of...

Edward Snowden Taught Zcash CEO Zooko Wilcox A CIA Trick To Help Keep The Creation Ceremony Secure

In the fall of 2016, the cryptocurrency world was aflutter with excitement about the creation of a new kind of cryptocurrency, zcash. Unlike bitcoin, which is designed to be completely transparent – and trackable – zcash was coded to hide all information about a financial transaction, including not only the amounts involved, but also the public keys. That meant that prying eyes could no longer follow the cryptocurrency as it changed hands.

Edward Snowden Reveals His Role in Zcash Launch

Edward Snowden has revealed that he was the one behind the pseudonym John Dobbertin that participated in the Zcash ceremony. Snowden said that he participated out of goodwill and was not paid. Sponsored. Whistleblower Edward Snowden has revealed that he was one of the six individuals who launched the privacy...

Whistleblowers Don’t Always Look Like Edward Snowden

When hearing the term “whistleblower,” some of the names that may automatically come to mind include famous whistleblowers that have been covered in the news: Edward Snowden, the controversial whistleblower who leaked documents regarding National Security Agency surveillance programs; to “Deep Throat” of Watergate, the FBI whistleblower who would later be named as Mark Felt; and even Frances Haugen, the recent Facebook whistleblower.