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Cornwall kayaker captures ‘thrilling’ footage of close encounter with 30ft whale

A lone kayaker has captured “thrilling” footage of a close encounter with a 30ft whale off the coast of Cornwall.Rupert Kirkwood, 62, from Holsworthy in Devon, filmed the moment he was circled by a Minke whale for 20 minutes while paddling offshore near Fowey.Mr Kirkwood told the PA news agency: “Whales are very difficult to spot because they just roll off the surface without a splash and then they go.“The beauty of them – which always makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck – is the noise of the blowhole.“If I had been in a boat...

Pelosi and Biden muddle up speeches in awkward press conference gaffe

House speaker Nancy Pelosi drew a laugh from the crowd on Tuesday as her speech at an event got mixed up with that of president Joe Biden.On Tuesday, Mr Biden signed a bill to make the CHIPS and Science Act — bipartisan legislation that will inject approximately $50bn into the US semiconductor industry — the law of the land.He was joined by many House and Senate members who shepherded the legislation.The bill is meant to boost US competitiveness vis-à-vis China by onshoring the manufacture of semiconductors that go into cars, computers, mobile phones and all manner of devices, through...

An Open Letter to the 6 Jerks Who Berated 2 Women Working at the Mall at Fox Run in Newington, New Hampshire

This story is crazy, upsetting, and a lesson to all (including myself). I debated telling this story, as it is pretty vulgar, but I think it is important. I want this story to reach the six teenagers who were all at fault. I want this story to reach the two women employees who were rudely berated. And I want to be able to look back at this story as a reminder to myself and those in my shoes in the future.

Woman demands husband share late ex-wife's savings

Is one’s step-daughter entitled to their ex-wife’s money?. Managing and distributing finances can be confusing in a blended family. Since the children involved might have more than one monetary source, the stepchild or stepmom could become jealous.

Voices: Woodstock ‘99 rape survivors deserve more than a five-minute mention

Forget Fyre Festival – Woodstock ‘99 was the original masterclass in how not to organise a large-scale music event. Beyond just pissing off a bunch of rich kids with shoddy accommodation and lacklustre sandwiches, the orchestrators of Woodstock ‘99 failed to factor in basic requirements, such as security, sanitation and public welfare – to the point attendees literally burnt the thing to the ground (with candles provided to them by staff, of course). As younger generations are now discovering through Netflix’s new three-part docu-series Trainwreck: Woodstock ‘99, in addition to the piles of trash, lack of hygiene, water (unless...

Oil rises on renewed gasoline demand, weak dollar

NEW YORK, Aug 10 (Reuters) - Oil prices rose on Wednesday, rebounding from losses early in the session, helped by encouraging figures on U.S. gasoline demand and as lower-than-expected U.S. inflation data drove investors into riskier assets.

Grilling Beef Outdoors From Our Prepper Freezer | Using Food From Our Preps

We are grilling up some steak for dinner. Sides are homegrown potatoes and corn. I love to make meals with as much as we can grow here to eat. Unfortunately, we don't have a beef cow, so we try to find deals in the area on it. We are treating ourselves after a long day of working on firewood. A big hearty meal will do the trick, and we sleep like babies. Thanks for watching.

Beluga whale lost in French river euthanized during rescue

PARIS (AP) — A beluga whale that became a French celebrity after a wrong turn took it up the Seine River had to be euthanized Wednesday after experiencing health complications during an urgent rescue operation, authorities said. The sparkling white marine mammal appeared deep inside France last week, having accidentally veered off the normal ocean migration route that takes belugas to and from Arctic waters. Fearing the malnourished creature would not survive in the Seine much longer, a wildlife conservation group and veterinarians planned to move the lost whale to a saltwater port in Normandy, from where they hoped to return it to the open sea. A team of 80 people assembled to try to save the animal’s life, and it was successfully moved Tuesday night from a river lock in Saint-Pierre-la-Garenne, west of Paris, into a refrigerated truck for the 160-kilometer (99-mile) journey to the port in Ouistreham.