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Comic Eddie Griffin addresses Floyd, Wright deaths in packed Minneapolis show

Eddie Griffin comes from the school of comedy in which spouting hyperbole and stoking emotion are all in a good night's work. Those not familiar with that style may have been unsettled by his late night set Friday at the Lumber Exchange Event Center in Minneapolis. Griffin boasted about starting fires during the L.A. riots, fantasized about turning white people into plantation slaves and dropped the N-word more than a hundred times. He had less-than-supportive words for law enforcement, including National Guard members on duty just blocks away.
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Comedian Eddie Griffin on the Purpose of Comedy, Showing Off in History Class, and His New Special

In a way, longtime comedian Eddie Griffin is the King of the Colloquial. Listening to the man talk or watching his new comedy special, Laughin’ Through Your Mask, which came our last week, one gets the sense that Griffin cares deeply about the (his?) idea of common sense. Griffin, who grew up first in Kansas City, Missouri, and later moved to Compton, California, has seen a lot. He’s also starred in movies like Undercover Brother and played roles in Armageddon and A Star is Born. Over the course of his life, he’s lived in dangerous areas and mansions. Doing so, one picks up on a through line to the world at large and Griffin does his best to express what he sees and what he knows of this thread.
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Comedian Eddie Griffin Coming To The El Paso Comic Strip

The El Paso Comic Strip has been bringing some big names in comedy to the El Paso area and Bart Reed has another huge name coming to the Sun City. In the past few months, we've seen Rob Schneider, D.L. Hughley, Chris Kattan, and more all stop by to make us laugh. And the laughs are needed, especially in such a crazy time. Thankfully, the El Paso Comic Strip isn't stopping anytime soon, bringing Greg Wilson later this month to perform and now another big name, Eddie Griffin.