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Ed Orgeron believes Brian Kelly should win national title at LSU in 3 years

Ed Orgeron won a national championship on his third of five seasons as LSU's head coach, and he believes that's a standard that will apply to new head coach Brian Kelly. Orgeron was asked this week during a radio interview on 1010XL in Jacksonville, Florida, as to whether he believes Kelly would be considered a "failure" at LSU if he doesn't win a national title.

Ed Orgeron makes surprise appearance at 1 school’s spring practice

Ed Orgeron made an eyebrow-raising visit to one school’s spring practice, and it likely isn’t a school many would expect. The former LSU coach was on hand to see Notre Dame practice, and even addressed the team. The Fighting Irish posted a video of the speech, in which Orgeron effusively praised the Notre Dame coaching staff and said the Fighting Irish were “going to win it all.”

Ed Orgeron apparently has his sights set on a post-LSU career, but what does his next 5 years look like?

It was as fitting of a sendoff as you could’ve imagined for Ed Orgeron. Serving as LSU’s lame duck/interim head coach in his final game, Max Johnson hit Jaray Jenkins for a game-winning touchdown with 28 seconds left to beat Texas A&M and earn a bowl bid. LSU had already agreed to pay Orgeron an $18 million buyout to walk away 2 years after completing arguably the best season in college football history.

Ed Orgeron Drops By Notre Dame Football, Says Fighting Irish Are “Going To Win It All”

There’s been some noise circulating throughout the college football world about former LSU head coach Ed Orgeron visiting Notre Dame over the past few days. Of course, Ed was relieved of his head coaching duties as LSU (took home a $17 million bag to do so), and is taking some time off before inevitably returns to coaching. When will that be? Who knows… but I can’t imagine Coach O stays away from the game very long.

Ed Orgeron tells Notre Dame they’ll win national title during visit with sons

During a recent trip up to visit the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, former LSU Tigers head coach Ed Orgeron had some praise to heap on Notre Dame. In a visit to his successor’s previous place of employment, Ed Orgeron (who previously won a national title with the school he was fired from) decided to go out on a limb and state that the Notre Dame Fighting Irish would win a national title.