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The Guardian view on Go Big: Ed Miliband on transforming Britain

If any Labour leader can claim to have won the argument and lost the election, it is surely Ed Miliband. In 2015, the Conservatives mocked “Red Ed” for proposing crazy socialist policies, such as nationalising railways, and said he was living in a Marxist universe for suggesting energy prices should be capped. Both measures have been adopted by Boris Johnson, and no communist spectre haunts Britain. Mr Miliband’s signature policies – such as opening a national investment bank, targeting regional infrastructure and encouraging business investment with tax incentives – continue to be pinched by the current government. The country we are living in owes as much to Mr Miliband’s leftwing economics as it does to Mr Johnson’s social conservatism.
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Tackle ‘injustices’ alongside climate emergency or risk ‘yellow vests’ protests, Ed Miliband warns

Britain risks a repeat of the angry “yellow vests” protests in France if the huge changes needed to prevent a climate disaster fail to tackle the other “injustices” people face, Ed Miliband warns.In an interview with The Independent, the former Labour leader said it will be vital the public believes that desperately needed action to end carbon emissions will also “make their lives better”.Mr Miliband, now the party’s business spokesperson, insisted the transformation could come “with the carrot not the stick”, but acknowledged: “Lifestyles are going to have to change.”“We are doing this to tackle the climate emergency,” he said,...
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Ed Miliband: Go Big - How to Fix Our World review - reasons to hope

Almost alone among my friends, I liked and admired Ed Miliband, renewing my on-off relationship with the Labour Party having watched his first speech to conference live on TV. I had always considered him decent, thoughtful, intelligent – and, on the couple of occasions I met him, personable and (dare I say it) attractive. But the media decided long before the bacon sandwich incident that he was a nerdy no-good and the view widely prevails that “the wrong Miliband” got the gig – that David would have been electable in 2015 and therefore saved us from even more unnecessary austerity and the calamity of Brexit.

Ed Miliband: I'm still recovering from time as Labour leader

Ed Miliband has said he is still "recovering" from his time as Labour leader, more than six years after standing down. He told the BBC's Political Thinking podcast leading the party to defeat at the 2015 election had been "gut wrenching". "Frankly, your confidence gets shattered by losing," he told...

Ed Miliband: I've never regretted leading Labour

Former Labour leader Ed Miliband has told the BBC he has never regretted leading the party. He told the BBC's Political Thinking with Nick Robinson podcast he believed he had "something distinctive to say" about Labour and the UK. He said he was still "recovering" from his team as leader.
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Ed Miliband reveals he received therapy while working in frontline politics

Ed Miliband has opened up about receiving therapy while working in frontline politics, saying he sought help “both before and after” his 2015 election defeat to former prime minister David Cameron.Mr Miliband led the Labour Party from 2010 until 2015, when he resigned after losing out to the then Conservative Party leader.The Doncaster North MP spent several years on the backbenches before being appointed to Labour’s shadow cabinet in April 2020, taking up the business brief under new party leader Keir Starmer.Returning to frontline politics, Mr Miliband said, reminded him of the pressures associated with serving as the opposition leader.He...

Ed Miliband calls for 12-week paternity leave

Shadow business secretary, Ed Miliband says the current systems in place for parental leave encourages a ‘men at work, women at home’ culture. Miliband has called for paternity leave that lasts at least three months to help challenge established gender roles and the prioritisation of work over family for men.
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Ed Miliband calls for workers on company boards

Shadow business secretary Ed Miliband has called for workers to be appointed to company boards as part of a “genuinely different way” to run the economy. He said that in most European countries it is usual to include workers on boards at least in state-owned or former state-owned firms. Countries...
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Ed Miliband calls for dads to get 12 weeks’ paternity leave

Fathers should be offered “use it or lose it” paternity leave lasting at least three months to help challenge the UK’s entrenched gender roles and the prioritisation of work over family for men, according to shadow business secretary, Ed Miliband. The former Labour leader is advocating for a “reordering” of...
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Ed Miliband: I was 50 when I finally mastered the art of riding a bike

Ed Miliband only mastered the art of riding a bicycle aged 50 – and was put off using an adult tricycle because he was worried about the paparazzi, he reveals in a new book serialised in the Guardian on Saturday. Admitting he had always been a “very, very nervous [bicycle]...
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‘I wasn’t bold enough’: Ed Miliband on losing, leading and the future of Labour

Ed Miliband was a cabinet minister before he learned how to ride a bike properly. He had mastered staying upright on two wheels as a child, but not much more. At around the same age he also picked up the rudiments of socialism, from the group of intellectuals and leftwing politicians that visited his father Ralph, an eminent Marxist academic. It was not until the summer of 2015, when the British electorate had firmly rejected Ed Miliband’s application to be prime minister, that he discovered the simple pleasure of cycling.
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Covid recovery must not be driven by fossil fuels, says Ed Miliband

The world’s recovery from Covid-19 must not be driven by further fossil fuel expansion at a critical moment in the fight to limit global warming, Ed Miliband has warned.Writing for The Independent, the shadow business secretary said that Britain had to take the lead on the climate crisis on the world stage ahead of the key Cop26 summit in Glasgow in November, but added the UK was instead falling behind other countries.Today The Independent launches a campaign for Britain to take greater action on the climate crisis as it tries to lead the world ahead of Cop26. Stop Fuelling the...
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Keir Starmer has proved he’s not Jeremy Corbyn – now he needs to show he’s not Ed Miliband

I have been reading Alastair Campbell’s diaries of a lost world. The latest volume, number eight, covers the five years after Labour lost power, from 2010 to 2015. They were the Ed Miliband years, the years before Brexit, but what seems most other-worldly about them is the hectic travel, the restaurants, the parties and the large gatherings of human beings.Campbell’s energy is extraordinary. Even without the politics, there is a readable intensity to his account of the places he travelled to, the people he met, the constant interviews and speeches. But we came for the politics, and, despite the differences,...