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‘Ed Gein: The Musical’ Coming—Again—to a Screen Near You

It’s difficult to look at the old black-and-white news photos of Ed Gein, with his vacant stare, goofy grin and raggedy farm clothes, and realize that he was once referred to as “The Butcher of Plainfield” for his unusual hobby of exhuming dead bodies (and creating some of his own), dressing them out like deer after the kill and making useful household items from their parts, including a wastebasket made of human skin and soup bowls carved out of human skulls.
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The Story Of Ed Gein — The Killer Who Used Human Body Parts In Strange Ways

Ed Gein's grisly crimes were the inspiration behind many horror characters including Buffalo Bill, Norman Bates, and Leatherface. It can be argued that every murderer is relatively sadistic, but there is one, in particular, that was so bad he served as the inspiration for some of Hollywood’s most sadistic murderers.

Plainfield, Wisconsin Video Tour. Home of Mass Murderer Ed Gein

Movies such as "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and "Silence of the Lambs" were based on the life of Ed Gein, a quiet but extremely deadly Wisconsin man. Ed's twisted history began very early when his brother was discovered dead when the two were burning a field of marsh vegetation on their property. The fire went out of control and the fire department was called. After the fire was put out the brother's body was found, not burned. The cause of death was some sort of heart issue, but he had several bruises on his head.

Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield (2007) Movie Review

Reviews: Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield Review. Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield (2007) 2007 | R | Horror, Thriller, Drama, Mystery, Crime. Inspired by the true story of one of the most gruesome killers in American history. Now, years after inspiring "Psycho's" Norman Bates, "The Silence Of The Lambs'" Buffalo Bill and "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre's" Leatherface, the story of real life serial ki**er Ed Gein is told once again. Nicknamed "The Butcher Of Plainfield," Gein was responsible for a rash of gory m**ders that sent shock waves through his rural Wisconsin town, and across America, in the late 1950's. Prepare to enter the evil mind and twisted world of "The Butcher Of Plainfield."

Audio: My Chat With a Paranormal Investigator About Ed Gein

I had a very unique opportunity today. I was able to chat with Steve Shippy about Ed Gein. The reason we talked about Ed Gein, is that Steve is a paranormal investigator who recently did an investigation at the property that was once home to one of the most horrific serial killers in American history.
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Ed Gein: The Real Psycho Review – Ghost Hunting a Killer

Ed Gein is watching. The most influential figure in slasher horror may be long dead, but his eyes are upon us. So are his mother’s. The pair cast a long shadow over the American murder landscape, and you can almost feel them breathing down your neck in discovery+’s new Shock Docs special. Ed Gein: The Real Psycho is a surprisingly fun whistle past a graveyard. Documentary film producer and paranormal investigator Steve Shippy heard the infamous proto-serial killer is still haunting the town he terrorized in life, and invites psychic medium Cindy Kaza to probe the inner darkness.

Discovery+ Special ‘Ed Gein: The Real Psycho’ Looks at the Real-Life Inspiration for Several Horror Icons

Real-life killer and grave-robber Ed Gein was the inspiration for several horror movie villains, including Buffalo Bill from The Silence of the Lambs, Norman Bates from Psycho and Leatherface from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and Gein’s horrific crimes will be profiled in the two-hour documentary special Ed Gein: The Real Psycho, coming soon to discovery+.

‘Ed Gein: The Real Psycho’ Debuts Friday, April 9 on discovery+

DOES EVIL LIVE FOREVER? A NEW SHOCK DOCS TWO-HOUR SPECIAL INVESTIGATES WHETHER. NOTORIOUS KILLER ED GEIN IS STILL HAUNTING HIS WISCONSIN HOMETOWN. Ed Gein: The Real Psycho Debuts Friday, April 9 on discovery+. The iconic psychopaths featured in the blockbuster movies “Silence of the Lambs,” “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and...

‘Ed Gein: The Real Psycho’: Watch The First Exclusive Trailer for Discovery+’s New Documentary

A serial killer who has haunted pop culture for decades is getting the paranormal treatment. And Discovery+ is exclusively revealing the first trailer for its upcoming documentary, Ed Gein: The Real Psycho, right here at Decider. The documentary will mark the first time anyone has been allowed back on the Gein property to investigate, and this time they’ll be searching for ghosts.