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Hawaiʻi teachers union drops endorsement of U.S. Rep. Ed Case in favor of Sergio Alcubilla

Hawaiʻi’s public school teachers union is supporting Sergio Alcubilla for the 1st Congressional District seat, currently held by U.S. Rep. Ed Case. The Hawaiʻi State Teachers Association announced its support for Alcubilla instead of Case in the upcoming Democratic primary election. Teachers and Alcubilla supporters stood outside the HSTA headquarters on Tuesday afternoon.

The Conversation: A call-in with U.S. Rep. Ed Case

Congressman Ed Case joins us in the studio before heading back to D.C. He addresses U.S. Rep. Kai Kahele's run for governor, efforts to get federal protections for Hawaiʻi's forests, and the U.S. Supreme Court's leaked opinion on Roe v. Wade. And he takes your questions!. Have a comment...

U.S. Rep. Ed Case asks for Jones Act waiver for Hawaii

U.S. Rep. Ed Case, D-Hawaii, this week asked President Joe Biden to grant a waiver from the federal Jones Act to allow Hawaii to more easily import oil and gas products from mainland ports after Biden signed an executive order banning Russian energy imports. Mahalo for reading the Honolulu Star-Advertiser!

Congressman Ed Case discusses the decision to close Red Hill

The statements come a day after the Pentagon announced it would permanently close the facility. DOH officials recommend that masks still be worn in indoor settings. Although the statewide mask-mandate will be ending on March 25, officials are still recommending that they be worn in indoor settings. Governor Ige says...

Rep. Ed Case on $403M in federal funds to address the Red Hill crisis

The U.S. House has passed a continuing resolution to keep the federal government operating. It contained $403 million for dealing with the Red Hill water crisis, including a portion for defueling the fuel storage facility. The Conversation talked to Rep. Ed Case on Tuesday afternoon following that vote, and the...

Rep. Ed Case is confident Navy will comply and remove fuel from Red Hill

Senator Hirono reflects back on January 6th riots, one year later. It was a harrowing experience when rioters rushed the Capitol says Senator Hirono. She reflects on the past year and on what she calls voter suppression efforts. Guy's Breaking News: Makua Rothman. Updated: Jan. 5, 2022 at 8:36 AM...

U.S. Rep. Ed Case says confidence in Navy compromised by water contamination

The Navy’s credibility is compromised and outside agencies must collaborate to investigate how petroleum contaminated the water system serving Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam and surrounding areas, U.S. Rep. Ed Case said Sunday. Case met with military and local leaders Saturday to discuss the water crisis. He visited the Army’s...

On Politics: 15 years later, Ed Case being challenged by progressive newcomer Sergio Alcubilla is political irony

The upcoming Democratic primary election campaign between incumbent U.S. Rep. Ed Case and progressive newcomer Sergio Alcubilla opens up the sort of political tension that 15 years ago Case would both relish and help create. Mahalo for reading the Honolulu Star-Advertiser!. You're reading a premium story. Read the full story...

Off the News: U.S. Rep. Ed Case stance on bill to get clearer soon

In one of the more interesting political gambits on the Hawaii scene, U.S. Rep. Ed Case has staked out a position on the Democratic agenda that is much more Blue-Dog-ish than that of fellow members of the state’s delegation. It’s likely to win him campaign support, from within Hawaii and even nationally, from those who are not in the progressive camp.