Ed Belfour


'When Goalies Were Weird' - Episode 4: Ed Belfour 🎧

"When Goalies Were Weird" is a six-part narrative podcast about 1990s-era NHL goalies. In the '90s, the position was undergoing a revolution in style and substance, as the butterfly goalie replaced the stand-up while advancements in equipment technology helped usher in a modernized, more athletic playing style. The old guard's quirks and the new guard's innovations melded together to produce an era of pure chaos in the blue paint.
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Man Cave Happy Hour – Ed Belfour – Belfour Spirits – Episode 97

A member of the Hockey Hall of Fame Ed Belfour spent nearly 20 years as one of the most outstanding goaltenders in the NHL. Now he has turned his attention toward award winning spirits. Ed joins us in the Man Cave to talk about the spirits available from Belfour Spirits and the spirit of champions behind it. Jamie Flanagan @DJJamieDetroit Matt Fox @fox_beazlefox Merch