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Voices: If Ed Balls wants to host Good Morning Britain, he needs to get his facts straight

If you wanted a real-life example of the popular Netflix film Don’t Look Up – then Ed Balls handily provided it on Good Morning Britain yesterday.The former MP, presenting the show alongside Susanna Reid, laid into protesters from Just Stop Oil for disrupting the British Grand Prix on Sunday.“You are the people in society who target people going about their normal lives to affect their campaign,” Ed Balls said. “That isn’t Gandhi. That isn’t the civil rights movement. That’s what terrorism is.”Someone please hand Ed Balls a dictionary and a history book. If this were terrorism then Just Stop Oil...
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Ed Balls dances as ‘Bye, Bye Boris’ inadvertently airs live on GMB

Ed Balls and Susanna Reid started dancing as protester Steve Bray played “Bye, Bye Boris” outside parliament. Good Morning Britain were broadcasting live from Westminster on Wednesday morning (6 July), following resignations from chancellor Rishi Sunak and heath secretary Sajid Javid that leave Boris Johnson's leadership hanging by a thread.

Just Stop Oil protester clashes with Ed Balls over what ‘genocide’ means on GMB

A spokesperson from Just Stop Oil clashed with Ed Balls over the dangerous incident that saw protesters storm the Silverstone track during Sunday’s British GP.James Skeet also got into a fiery debate over the definition of “genocide” as he defended the group’s behaviour.Balls, co-chair of the UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation, questioned the use of the term in an environmental context.“I know what the word genocide means, and the one thing you can’t claim is that investing in North Sea oil is genocide, that undermines your case,” he said.Click here to sign up for our newsletters. Read More Zara Aleena's aunt says her niece valued her 'independence' more than anythingSuspected Copenhagen shooter strolls through shopping mall with rifleGunman kills three after opening fire at Copenhagen shopping centre

Eleven years ago today Ed Balls tweeted his own name and became a legend

It truly feels like it comes around earlier and earlier each year - Ed Balls day.Eleven years ago, the former shadow chancellor tweeted his own name in a blaze of awkward.He had probably been intending to search the site for an article about him but we’ve all seen our parents struggle with the internet and Balls, no different, well... ballsed up: Ed Balls — Ed Balls (@Ed Balls) 1304004019 People unsurprisingly delighted in the incident...

Ed Balls rules himself out of battling Wakefield by-election for Labour

Former shadow chancellor Ed Balls has ruled himself out of running as the Labour candidate in the Wakefield by-election.The Strictly Come Dancing star denied he was considering a political comeback by tweeting that he had “no intention of putting myself forward” for the contest.The West Yorkshire constituency is due to elect a new MP after incumbent Imran Ahmad Khan was convicted of sexually assaulting a teenage boy.Back from New York to find Wakefield speculation still running. I appreciate all the messages but for removal of any doubt, no-one's spoken to me about it and I've no intention of putting myself...

Ed Balls: ‘What’s a woman? In my house it’s the person who doesn’t cook’

Ed Balls is about to take a bite of his lunch when I ask him what he makes of Gavin Williamson being given a knighthood. His face crumples. He puts his fork back down. I feel bad about the timing of my question – the former Labour secretary of state for schools has been looking forward to his sausages with Austrian potato salad and sauerkraut, and my mention of this particular successor has clearly put him off it.

Inside the Care Crisis with Ed Balls, review: a sobering insight delivered with a sensitive touch

The title of Inside the Care Crisis with Ed Balls (BBC Two) almost put me off, I must admit. It smacked of those travel shows that think we can’t possibly find another country interesting unless we’re given a tour by Joanna Lumley or an old cast member from Men Behaving Badly. An investigation into the care home crisis doesn’t need a celebrity name to sell it.

Ed Balls on how his stammer made him stronger

Ed Balls former cabinet minister, celebrity cook and ‘Gangnam Style’ Strictly star, didn’t realise he had a stammer until he was in the cut and thrust of politics.The former Labour MP, who lives with his wife MP Yvette Cooper and their three children, talks about his stammer in his new memoir, Appetite, which charts his life and his relationship with food. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ed Balls (@edballs)After going public about it, Balls, 54, became vice...