E. Jean Carroll

Washington Post

N.Y. judge rejects Trump’s attempt to countersue E. Jean Carroll

NEW YORK — A New York judge has rejected a bid by Donald Trump to sue author and columnist E. Jean Carroll on the grounds that her defamation case against him in 2019 was baseless — a ruling that accused the former president of causing repeated delays to keep a sensitive matter from moving closer to trial.

Trump Benchslapped In E. Jean Carroll Defamation Suit

Habba is routinely dispatched to tilt at windmills on Trump’s behalf, most famously sending a demand letter to the Pulitzer Committee insisting that it retract prizes for the New York Times and Washington Post or else. In the instant case, which was filed in 2019, she was in the unenviable position of arguing that New York’s anti-SLAPP law entitles her client to file a counterclaim and postpone discovery with another round of motions. She further had to convince the court that the claim was in good faith and not dilatory, even though the law was amended in 2020 and her client failed to invoke it for 14 months.

Judge denies Trump's effort to countersue E. Jean Carroll

A federal judge on Friday denied former President Trump 's effort to countersue E. Jean Carroll, the writer who accused him of raping her in the '90s and filed a defamation lawsuit after he unleashed personal attacks on her while in office. U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan rejected Trump's retaliatory...