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“Arcade” singer Duncan Laurence stays positive despite spending 2021 “seeing everything from the sidelines”

Duncan Laurence‘s hit “Arcade” was first released in 2019, but it’s only been this year when it’s really blown up worldwide, especially on American radio, thanks to TikTok. While he’s thrilled about that, the Dutch singer/songwriter says it’s been a bit frustrating seeing his first single go up the charts everywhere, while he’s stuck at home in the Netherlands due to the pandemic.
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Duncan Laurence | More Than Just A ‘Small Town Boy’

Duncan Laurence is officially A Small Town Boy—the name of his debut album. Released via Spark Records at the tail end of last year, the 13-track body of work recently received the deluxe treatment, adding 4 more incredible songs to the original. Hailing from the small town of Hellevoetsluis in...
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Duncan Laurence Comes Out of Nowhere to Take Number One in Texoma’s Six Pack

Votes were pretty low for him earlier in the week, so I didn't see this coming. Thanks to everybody that voted for last week's countdown. I always love to see movement on the countdown. Remember to vote every day for Texoma's Six Pack on our website or app. You can vote right now by clicking that button below. Speaking of movement, let's shake things up. New one from Ed Sheeran going in, also the new one with Elton John and Dua Lipa.

Duncan Laurence says “Arcade” is “the core of who I am”

The hit “Arcade” by Dutch singer Duncan Laurence made him a star in Europe, and now it’s become his breakthrough hit in the U.S. as well. Duncan says he’s happy that’s “Arcade” is the song that people all over the world know him for, simply because it means so much to him.

Zoom with Singer/Songwriter Duncan Laurence, 2019 Eurovision Winner!

SoJO 104.9 and Capitol Records want to invite you to get to know singer/songwriter Duncan Laurence ('Arcade') over an exclusive Zoom session this Tuesday, June 29th!. Duncan's breakout hit, 'Arcade', is blowing up on SoJO 104.9. As well it should, given that it's the tune that won him the 64th annual Eurovision Song Contest (a global competition) in 2019.

Duncan Laurence Has 'No Idea' How His Breakthrough Single 'Arcade' Keeps Going Viral

“Arcade,” the emotional pop croon-along from Dutch singer-songwriter Duncan Laurence, has enjoyed an unorthodox path onto the Billboard Hot 100 chart. After originally being released in March 2019 as Laurence’s debut single, “Arcade” represented the Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest that May and won the competition. As Laurence was...

Duncan Laurence explains the excitement and the loss that inspired “Arcade”

After winning the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest with his song “Arcade,” Duncan Laurence is now seeing it become a hit in the U.S. Duncan, who’s from the Netherlands, says “Arcade,” was inspired by several things that happened when he was young: Moving to a different city, and losing a family friend.