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Throwback Thursday – America’s first foodie meets its southern sweetheart, the Duncan Hines and Dolly Parton baking collection

Earlier this year, Conagra brands announced a new limited edition baking collection bringing bakers the best of Dolly Parton’s southern recipes and Duncan Hines cake mix and frostings. The collection has seen immediate success, as America’s favorite southern sweetheart meets the brand established by Bowling Green’s most famous foodie. This is the story of Duncan Hines, the real life man behind the cake mix, and perhaps the world’s first published food and hotel critic.
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Duncan Hines EPIC line adds more Pebbles inspired treats

Time to say yabba dabba do again. The Duncan Hines EPIC line has just added two new offerings. It looks like that got up and go will have everyone turning on the oven. Over the past year, the Duncan Hines EPIC line has been a huge hit with home bakers. The various offerings bring a sense of whimsy as well as an over the top dessert that is worthy of a bakery case. With simple instructions and all the necessary offerings, everyone can create a picture perfect dessert that will have everyone asking for seconds.
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Duncan Hines Now Has Fruity Pebbles Cake Frosting

Even if you spend hours perfecting your go-to cupcake or cake recipe, everyone knows it’s not complete without delicious frosting. Duncan Hines will soon be launching two new frosting flavors that look like they’ll be able to take your baking creations to the next level without any extra work on your end — aside from spreading them on. New Duncan Hines Fruity Pebbles and Cookie Dough frostings are hitting retailers nationwide now, with each container costing around $2.99. Each one is big enough to frost two 8-to-9-inch cakes, a 13-by-9-inch pan of cake or brownies, or up to 24 cupcakes.

Duncan Hines Has New Fruity Pebbles and Cookie Dough Frostings to Complete Your Baking Creations

Over a year ago, Duncan Hines partnered with Post Consumer Brands to create a Fruity Pebbles Cake Kit. It includes confetti cake mix, Fruity Pebbles-flavored frosting, and Fruity Pebbles cereal, so you have everything you need to create a breakfast-inspired dessert. In case you don’t want the whole kit, now you can get just a container of cereal-flavored frosting, as well as another variety.

Duncan Hines, Dolly Parton partner on Southern-inspired dessert line

Duncan Hines is joining forces with a recognizable music star on a limited-edition line of sweets. The Chicago-based company announced that it has partnered with Grammy Award-winning artist and philanthropist Dolly Parton on a collection of Southern-inspired treats. “Duncan Hines is beyond thrilled to partner with Dolly Parton, one of...

Dolly Parton’s New Barbie Pink Duncan Hines Cake Mixes

Dolly Parton has long been one of America’s favorite singers and celebrities. Her down-to-earth mannerisms, her love of reading and music, and her willingness to talk to her fans and the press both have given her a firm place in pop culture. She’s won multiple Grammys and Country Music Awards, but long before her music made her famous she learned to bake growing up in the mountains in Tennessee. Now, she’s got a new venture with one of the most well known names in cake mixes: Duncan Hines.
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Dolly Parton to release line of cake mixes with Duncan Hines

America’s sweetheart is now looking to indulge your sweet tooth. Dolly Parton, the beloved country music legend, is teaming up with Duncan Hines to release a line of cake mixes and frostings. Judging by the initial response, it’s already a hit. The Dolly Parton Baking Collection was so...

Parton’s Duncan Hines line sells out

Dolly Parton has turned up the heat with her latest endeavor. The country music legend’s recent partnership on a cake mix line with Duncan Hines was an instant sellout. On Wednesday, a limited-edition $40 baking collection (comprised of coconut and banana cake mixes, two kinds of buttercream frosting and accessories including recipe cards) dropped on the brand’s website and were sold out before noon. Some 1,400 kits went on sale for the sneak peek.

Dolly Parton’s Cake Mixes Sold Out Fast But Duncan Hines Will Restock Soon

$40 plus shipping for a cake mix? Hey - it is Dolly Parton after all. Last week, Duncan Hines announced a partnership with the country music singer to release a limited edition series of cake mixes and prepared frostings - specifically tailored to southern-style baking; they also suggested that the products were "inspired by Dolly's famous southern recipes".

Food: Dolly Parton launches Southern-style dessert line with Duncan Hines

Duncan Hines is launching a new line of Southern-inspired dessert mixes with Dolly Parton. The line includes cake mixes and frosting inspired by some of Dolly's favorite family recipes, including Coconut Cake and Banana Puddin' Cake. "I had plenty of people to show me what's what in the kitchen... my...