Du Yun


Composer Du Yun Bridges Culture, Language and Time

To say that Du Yun works at the intersection of opera, orchestral music, theatre, cabaret, and any number of musical styles makes it seem as though she is a passive observer of these forms. In actuality, she is the intersection—a nexus of creativity that dives deep into traditional forms to deconstruct their rules, find the universality of their meaning, adapt them to modern audiences and reflect her profound social conscience. Her work has garnered her a Pulitzer Prize, a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Grammy nomination and, more recently, a grant from The Hermitage Artist Retreat, which hosted a virtual program last Friday in which Du Yun introduced her work with her Future Tradition initiative.
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The Hermitage Artist Retreat Announces A Presentation and Conversation with Pulitzer Prize Winner & Grammy Award Nominee Du Yun

The Hermitage Artist Retreat presents “Future Tradition,” a presentation and conversation with Pulitzer Prize-winning composer and performer Du Yun, Friday, December 18, 5pm This virtual event is free, but registration is required at: HermitageArtistRetreat.org. Born and raised in Shanghai, China, and currently based in New York City, Du Yun works at the intersection of opera, orchestral, theater, cabaret, musical, oral tradition, public performances, electronics, visual arts, and noise.