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Ontario election: 4 ways Doug Ford has changed the province's politics

The dismal environmental record of the Doug Ford government in Ontario is well-documented. Despite some recent moves on “greening” the steel sector and electric vehicle manufacturing initiatives, the province is on track to see major increases in greenhouse gas emissions, particularly from the electricity sector. The government’s emphasis on highway expansion in the Greater Toronto Area is further evidence of this trend. The Ford government’s record on environmental issues is an extension of its wider approach to governance. It has broken from the traditional norms of Ontario politics, which have emphasized moderation and administrative competence, as reflected through the long Progressive...
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Why Doug Ford will once again win the Ontario election

On June 2, Ontario residents head to the polls to elect a provincial government. The most likely outcome is that Doug Ford will be re-elected premier of the province and his Progressive Conservative party will win the most seats. Some people in the province will be frustrated or puzzled by such an outcome, especially in light of the hardships so many Ontarians have endured over the last few years during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Ford government, after all, has largely failed in terms of legislative achievements, protecting citizens from COVID-19, shielding people and small businesses from the economic stress of the...

State of Emergency Declared in Ontario, Canada; Doug Ford Discusses

ONTARIO, CANADA - Protests which began in late January have posed significant challenges to the Canadian province of Ontario. Thousands of truckers and their supporters have gathered near a critical United States-Canada trade corridor which is causing major delays in the shipment of goods. As a result, Canada Premier Doug Ford declared this morning that the province is in a state of emergency.

Ontario nurses warn of staffing crisis ahead of meeting with Premier Doug Ford

Ontario’s nursing shortage is beyond critical, with staff no longer able to provide adequate care, nurses say. This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. Article content. The Ontario Nurses’ Association (ONA) is set to meet with Premier Doug Ford and Health Minister Christine Elliott on...

Ontario Premier Doug Ford does live TV interview while driving during snowstorm

There’s a strong possibility Ontario Premier Doug Ford isn’t familiar with Ontario’s distracted driving laws. During a recent live CP24 segment focused on the ongoing snowstorm in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Ford video called in to the television station while driving his vehicle. Though it’s somewhat common for busy politicians to call into television stations from parked cars for interviews, Ford did this segment while his vehicle was still in motion.

Hey Doug Ford, Immigrants Are Hard-Working — But Also, They Shouldn’t Have To Be

In 1974, my papa arrived in Canada from Guyana with $20 in his pocket and his family — including my then-12-year-old dad — in tow, in order to find work and set up a life for them in Scarborough, ON. He was sponsored by and stayed with family for the first year working as a mechanic at General Motors while doing his own autobody work on the weekends for extra money. My mama also worked. She was on the bus every morning by 5 a.m., clocking in sometimes before dawn at a cosmetics company factory where she worked full-time on top of taking care of her children, and then later, her five grandchildren. When my papa retired at 55 due to a heart attack, he’d set his family — and by extension myself — up for success.

Doug Ford: Threatening the notwithstanding clause for political benefit — again

Here we go again. Ontario Premier Doug Ford is once again threatening to invoke the Canadian Constitution’s notwithstanding clause for blatantly political purposes. Alongside a similar incident in 2018 in which Ford pulled back from his threat to use the clause, Québec Premier François Legault has defined his political legacy through the use of the notwithstanding clause to pass his government’s secularism law.

Ontario public schools will stay closed until September 2021: Premier Doug Ford

The Ontario government announced on May 20th, 2021 their plan to safely reopen the province, and phase 1 of that plan officially begins in the week of June 14, 2021. Ontario Premier Doug Ford will be joined by Minister of Education Stephen Lecce and Health Minister Christine Elliott to make an announcement at 1 p.m. CBC News will carry the news conference live.