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Donald Trump Reportedly Thinks Donald Trump Jr. Would Do Better in Prison Than Ivanka Trump

The walls are starting to close in on Donald Trump as he navigates through the sticky New York State and Manhattan legal cases and the news that an indictment of Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg could be coming soon. Even though he’s enjoying almost daily rounds of golf, his post-White House life does have a different focus than most ex-presidents. That also means weighing out the possibility that some of his adult children, who have worked for the Trump Organization for years, might be facing jail time.
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Donald Trump Jr mocked for wishing his father a happy birthday – on Twitter

Donald Trump Jr and other ardent pro-Trump supporters are being mocked on social media for wishing the former president a happy birthday on platforms he doesn’t have access to.“Happy Birthday President Trump #HappyBirthday,” Mr Trump’s eldest son wrote on Twitter on Monday alongside a picture of him hugging an American flag.Controversial lawmaker Marjorie Taylor Greene also posted a birthday message for the president, writing: “You’ll always be our president!”Twitter users were quick to mock Mr Trump Jr, pointing out that his father wouldn’t be able to see his well-intentioned message as he no longer has an account on the...
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Donald Trump Jr and Lauren Boebert under fire for pushing QAnon style conspiracy over journalist’s death

Donald Trump Jr and Lauren Boebert are facing criticism for alluding to an anti-Clinton conspiracy in the death of an Alabama journalist, Christopher Sign.On Sunday, the eldest son of former US president Donald Trump asked followers on Instagram if they had “seen so many suicide coincides ever”, after the death of Mr Sign.In 2016, the 45-year-old was the first to report on a meeting between former US president Bill Clinton and then-attorney general Loretta Lynch during an investigation into Hillary’s Clinton’s use of a private email sever as secretary of state. Ms Clinton’s emails became a focus for Mr...
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Donald Trump Jr. Accused of Making Threat Against Anthony Fauci After Sharing Murder Meme

Critics have accused Donald Trump Jr. of issuing threats against Dr. Anthony Fauci after he shared a meme about the infectious disease expert's hypothetical murder on Friday. At around 7 p.m. last night, Trump Jr. shared a meme about Fauci to his 4.5 million followers on Instagram via a story. "I'm gonna just jump out ahead on this and say I don't think Fauci killed himself," read the meme, seen by Newsweek. The words were photoshopped onto a photo of Leonardo DiCaprio drinking a cocktail.

Donald Trump Jr. Joins Cameo, Selling Video Messages for $500 Each

Who wants a personalized video message from Donald Trump Jr.?. As of this week, that's a possibility as former President Donald Trump's eldest son has joined Cameo. "It's good to be here," Don Jr., 43, says in his introduction video on the social media site which lets users can purchase videos from an array of actors, athletes, reality stars and other personalities and influencers.

Donald Trump Jr. Is Now on Cameo, Wishing the Dumb Libs Happy Birthday (NOT)

Donald Trump Jr. has pivoted to the personalized celebrity video app Cameo because, as all relevant people do, he understands that nobody’s time on the internet should be free. You get that money, giiiirl. Filed under the “activist” label but searchable under the “reality TV” category, his price point is...
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Donald Trump Jr sells $500 videos to fans on Cameo

Donald Trump Jr has followed the growing list of minor celebrities, social media influencers and once influential politicians to join the personalized video messaging service Cameo. The former president’s eldest son, listed on the site under the category of “activist”, is charging fans $500 a video with an undisclosed amount...

Donald Trump Jr. Is Selling Cameos for $500. Here Are 51 Better Ways to Spend That Money.

The same week that Donald Trump shut down his blog because no one was reading, his son, Donald Trump Jr, has launched an equally sad and desperate new venture. Don Jr. has joined Cameo, a site in which (mostly) D-list celebrities can send videos to fans for a nominal fee. For Don Jr. it costs $500 for him to send a video ($787 if you want it within 24 hours) or $19.99 to send him a direct message. According to his bio, "A portion of proceeds will be donated to Shadow Warriors Project." It's not entirely clear what portion of the proceeds will go to charity, but this comes shortly after Don Jr. complained about having "millions" in legal bills because of the New York attorney general's probe into the Trump Organization.
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Donald Trump Jr. joins Cameo

Donald Trump Jr. made his debut on Cameo this week, where he will be selling personalized video messages to fans, starting at just over $500. Trump's account is set up to deliver video messages for $525 if fans want to receive them in two to seven days. For quicker messages, fans can opt to get a video delivered in less than 24 hours, which will cost them $787, according to the Independent.