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Rental Ferrari F8 Tributo Totaled With Cracked Frame Its First Time Out

The driver says they hit a rock, but the crew that recovered the wrecked supercar has another theory involving plenty of speed. Nothing says night to remember quite like renting a 710-horsepower Ferrari F8 Tributo and tearing around the streets of Las Vegas. Nothing says night to forget like it ending in a collision with the curb, sidelining the supercar. Or rather, as the owners of said Ferrari discovered, completely wrecking it in a crash so severe that it cracked the car's frame.

BAPE x ASICS GEL-1090: First Look & Everything We Know

Highsnobiety aims to provide our readers with the latest updates in the sneaker world. However, we cannot verify the reliability of any unauthorized leaks or rumors unless this information is provided directly by the brands themselves. ASICS reintroduced its early 2000s runner, the GEL-1090, in 2019, and while the releases...

Kerr anguishes with survivors of VTA mass shooting victims

A few days after Abdolvahab Alaghmandan was buried, murdered by a white man once flagged by U.S. Customs agents discerning a potential for violence, his son, Soheil, is in his mother’s living room heartbroken and grappling with his own experience with such officials. Iranian and heavily bearded, Soheil is accustomed...

Princess Diana’s Voice Coach Weighs in on ‘The Crown's Portrayal of Her (Exclusive)

Princess Diana's voice coach has weighed in on the ongoing debate surrounding The Crown's interpretation of real-life events. The Netflix original series depicts the British royal family through the decades of Queen Elizabeth's reign, beginning when she first became queen and currently going through to the '80s. With four seasons under its belt, the series has faced criticism and even calls for a "fiction" disclaimer.
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Hungary, Portugal fans ‘thrilled’ to be back in packed stadium

Hungarian and Portuguese fans were thrilled Tuesday to return to a packed football stadium, the Puskas Arena in Budapest the only Euro 2020 tournament venue not to limit fan capacity as a Covid-19 health precaution. “I can’t wait to get back inside a full stadium, we’re thrilled to be back...
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4 killed, 4 injured in shooting on Chicago's South Side

A shooting in a home on Chicago’s South Side early Tuesday morning has left four dead and four injured, according to police. The shooting took place after an argument erupted into gun fire in Chicago's Englewood neighborhood, an area of the city that has experienced a high level of violence, The Associated Press reported.
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The Ending Of Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone Explained

As the first entry in the "Harry Potter" film series, "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone," stands as a piece of film history. What "Star Wars" had done for fantasy in a science-fiction setting, "Harry Potter" achieved for fantasy in a distinctly English setting. It felt bright and new, and captured the inner child of many readers and moviegoers worldwide thanks to the faithfulness of its adaptation, the strength of its core cast, and the quality of its effects. Popular film critic Roger Ebert even hailed it as "a classic" right off of the bat.
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Nintendo announces a new Metroid game for Switch

Nintendo has announced Metroid Dread for the Nintendo Switch, which will become the first original 2D Metroid entry in roughly 19 years. The new 2D side-scrolling shooter looks to feature some of the most popular features in the series, such as an arsenal of weapons, various boss encounters and Morph Ball platforming sections.
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How Long Does It Take To Beat Elden Ring?

After what has felt like a lifetime, it was finally confirmed that "Elden Ring," the next game from Hidetaka Miyazaki and the team at FromSoftware, is in fact a real game. There has been plenty of speculation as to why nobody has seen the game since 2019. During the Summer Game Fest games showcase, it was revealed that "Elden Ring" will release January 21, 2022. While many fans have been poring over the trailer's smallest details looking for any crumb of information they can, Miyazaki has been making the rounds, talking to different outlets about what exactly the game entails.

Why Americans are driving older cars

There are more signs of inflation, but interest rates don't reflect that yet. "There is plenty of inflation," said David Kelly, chief global strategist at J.P. Morgan Asset Management. That can be seen in a recent rise in consumer prices and a rise in wholesale prices reported today by the Labor Department that shows a record increase over the past year. Still, Treasury note yields aren't spiking like we'd expect them to. Kelly offers a technical explanation for one of the reasons why: "One of them is the Treasury Department had a huge amount of money on deposit with the Federal Reserve, which it's actually been using to pay the bills for the last five or six months. Instead of issuing new debt, which would have pushed up interest rates, they've just been running down the checking account. And that has stopped interest rates from rising so far, but we still think, look, if there's inflation there, we're going to see higher rates in the months ahead."
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Video: World’s first wooden satellite passes test flight

VANTAA, Finland – The WISA Woodsat, a nanosatellite made with UPM birch plywood that is scheduled to launch into orbit this fall, completed a successful test run on June 12. A functional model of the 4- x 4- x 4-inch wooden satellite was lofted into the stratosphere attached to a weather balloon from the Heureka Science Center. The purpose of the mission was to test WISA Woodsat’s camera and communications equipment in the harsh conditions of space. After reaching an altitude of 19 miles, the balloon exploded as planned and the tiny satellite parachuted back to earth. It was recovered intact in a spruce tree.