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‘The Island Between Tides’ Adds Adam Beach, Donal Logue, Paloma Kwiatkowski, and David Mazouz

Another of Peter Pan author J.M. Barrie's stories will be made into a film. It has been announced that filming has begun on the upcoming film The Island Between Tides. The film will star Paloma Kwiatkowski as Lily. Her previous work includes 2019's Riot Girls (directed by Jovanka Vuckovic), 2016's Who's Driving Doug (directed by David Michael Conley), and 2014's Sitting on the Edge of Marlene (directed by Ana Valine). In the film, Lily follows a mysterious melody that takes her to a remote tidal island. When she crosses back over at the next low tide, she discovers that time has moved forward decades for the rest of the world. The film will also star Donal Logue, David Mazouz, Camille Sullivan, and Adam Beach. Logue and Mazouz previously worked together in the Fox Batman prequel series Gotham, where Logue played Harvey Bullock and Mazouz played Bruce Wayne.
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Law & Order: SVU's Donal Logue to Return in Season 23 — Find Out Who Else Is Coming Back to the Squad

Law & Order: SVU is welcoming back two more familiar faces, both of whom have ties to Det. Amanda Rollins. Donal Logue will return as Lt. Declan Murphy, the role he played in Seasons 15 through 17, TVLine has learned exclusively. Murphy will have just wrapped up his most recent undercover assignment and will come to Capt. Benson and the Special Victims Unit for help on a high priority case involving a series of seemingly coordinated hate crimes around New York City. In addition, Ari’el Stachel, who played Sgt. Hasim Khaldun, will reprise his role in the same episode. Longtime viewers will remember...

Donal Logue

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 articles tagged "Donal Logue" Law & Order: SVU is welcoming back two alums: Donal Logue and Ari’el Stachel. They'll reprise their respective roles as Lt. Grounded for Life should be considered among the best working-class sitcoms. "Grounded for Life never quite found an audience,"...

Law & Order: SVU season 23 spoilers: Donal Logue returning

While you wait for Law & Order: SVU to return to NBC on December 9, why not check out some news on a recurring guest star!. According to a report today coming in from TVLine, Donal Logue (Gotham) will be coming back to the series for at least one episode airing a little later this season. He previously played Declan Murphy during seasons 15-17, and in the present time he will be coming off a big undercover assignment. With that, he’ll be at SVU to present Benson an important, high-priority case involving coordinated hate crimes. He knows better than anyone how this team can effectively untangle this situation, after having filled in for Benson during her traumatic William Lewis situation.

This Resident Evil Trailer Has Everything: Zombie Extras, a Trailercore Pop Song, Donal Logue

Here we go again, gamers. The trailer for Capcom’s second run at a Resident Evil film franchise is here, five years after Resident Evil: The Final Chapter closed out a series that asked, “What if The Walking Dead was also The Matrix?” Complete with a trailercore rendition of 4 Non Blondes’ “What’s Up?” and lots of extras in zombie makeup, the new trailer introduces us to Kaya Scodelario as the video game franchise’s Claire Redfield, Robbie Amell as her brother, Chris, Avan Jogia as Raccoon City police officer Leon S. Kennedy, and Neal McDonough as virologist William Birkin. (Spoiler alert: If this movie sticks to the video game franchise more than the last one did, McDonough’s not gonna look that pretty — or, in fact, human — for very long.) We also get a glimpse of a mustachioed Donal Logue as police chief Brian Irons, which just makes him look even more like a daddy bear.
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Donal Logue acclaim started back he was offered a allotment as a boxer

Danny Trejo aboriginal smoked marijuana back he was 8 years old, was bubbler by age 12, became a heroin aficionado as a jailbait and did stints in some of America’s best belled prisons. Now, he’s one of Hollywood’s best approved stars. The 77-year-old’s absurd aisle to acclaim started back he...
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Family Drama 'Sometime Other Than Now' Trailer with Donal Logue

"I have to know I was moving towards something, not away from it…" Gravitas Ventures has debuted an official trailer for Sometime Other Than Now, a tiny indie written and directed by Dylan McCormick. "A story about second chances, redemption and love." Donal Logue stars as an aging man who finds himself stranded in a small New England town. But it turns out he's there because his estranged daughter Audrey lives there - the daughter he hasn't seen her in 25 years. As he tries to bridge the gap between the little girl he left long ago and the woman who grew up without her father, Sam learns that he was never cut-out to be emotionally connected to anyone - unless he falls in love with another soul just as lonesome. Also starring Kate Walsh, Trieste Kelly Dunn, Amy Hargreaves, David Aaron Baker, Alexa Swinton, Sarah Jes Austell, and P.J. Marshall. This looks like a very sweet, wholesome film about family and loneliness.

Watch This Trailer For SOMETIME OTHER THAN NOW Starring Donal Logue and Kate Walsh

Tags: Alexa Swinton, Amy Hargreaves, David Aaron Baker, Donal Logue, Kate Walsh, Sarah Jes Austell, Sometime Other Than Now, Trieste Kelly Dunn. Gravitas Ventures has released this official trailer for SOMETIME OTHER THAN NOW. A story about second chances, redemption and love. Sam (Donal Logue), who after his motorcycle is...