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Judge Jackson points to horizontal precedent in Don McGahn opinion

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson described different types of precedent in response to Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, questioning her about the case requiring former White House counsel Don McGhan to testify to House impeachment investigators. Jackson cited horizontal precedent which she said aims to maintain consistency and keep predictability in the rule of law. March 22, 2022.
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Reports: Trump DOJ subpoenaed Apple for records of WH counsel Don McGahn

Apple told former Trump administration White House counsel Don McGahn last month that the Department of Justice secretly subpoenaed information about accounts of his in 2018, the New York Times first reported Sunday. Why it matters: Although it's unclear why the DOJ took the action, such a move against a...

Despite reality, Trump falsely claims Don McGahn 'exonerated' him

Former White House Counsel Don McGahn was one of the star witnesses in Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into the Russia scandal. As we've discussed, the Republican lawyer spoke with investigators for dozens of hours, and in the redacted version of Mueller's report, the former White House counsel was cited more than 150 times.

‘Point of No Return’: Don McGahn Told Congress How Close Trump Came to ‘Inflection Point,’ Another ‘Saturday Night Massacre’

In a fit of pique over Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, former President Donald Trump almost reached an “inflection point” and “point of no return” that would have set in motion a Richard Nixon-style “Saturday Night Massacre,” ex-White House Counsel Don McGahn recently told Congress behind closed doors. The...

Democrats say former Trump White House counsel Don McGahn 'shed new light on several troubling events' in long-awaited testimony

Sign up for our newsletter to get GMA delivered to your inbox every morning!. Former White House counsel Don McGahn appeared before the House Judiciary Committee Friday following a yearslong effort by Congress to enforce a subpoena demanding McGahn's testimony about events related to former special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation.
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Don McGahn tells House panel about Trump’s bid to undermine Mueller probe

Former White House counsel Donald McGahn detailed for the House Judiciary Committee on Friday how former president Donald Trump attempted to stymie a federal probe of Russian interference in the 2016 election — bombshell revelations that might once have fueled additional impeachment charges, were they not already public and had it not taken more than two years for Democrats to secure his testimony.