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Dominique Wilkins on KD, Returning From an Achilles Injury, and the Hawks’ Success

Dominique Wilkins can tell you exactly how many points he scored in his first game back from an Achilles rupture: 30. He can tell you his opponent in that 1992 game (the Knicks), and that despite his scoring burst, the Hawks lost. That game is seared into his memory, as is everything else that happened between his injury and return. The loss that day felt like an afterthought; what was most important was proving that he could still play. And his performance was a harbinger for what was to come.
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Lamar Odom Wore Tracksuit to Restaurant That Booted Dominique Wilkins for Dress Code

2:59 PM PT -- Lamar tells TMZ Sports, "I support Dominique Wilkins 1,000 percent, and I don't support any form of racism." Dominique Wilkins now has even more reason to be upset with a restaurant that turned him away, because Lamar Odom enjoyed a meal at the same spot -- wearing a similar outfit to Wilkins -- just months before.
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Larry Bird Welcomed Dominique Wilkins to the NBA With an Evening Full of Trash Talk: ‘You Don’t Belong in This League, Homes’

While it’s been quite a while since he donned the iconic kelly green of the Boston Celtics, Larry Bird’s legacy still looms large in Beantown. During his time on the hardwood, the forward proved to be a talented player and a proven winner. He also possessed plenty of confidence and could throw out some lethal trash talk, placing him at the center of some famous NBA stories.
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Dominique Wilkins: NBA legend accuses restaurant of racism after being turned away

NBA Hall of Famer Dominique Wilkins has accused a restaurant in Atlanta of turning him away due to the colour of his skin.Wilkins, 61, spent 12 years playing for the Atlanta Hawks between 1982 and 1994, before spells with the Los Angeles Clippers, Boston Celtics, San Antonio Spurs and Orlando Magic among other teams. He is currently vice-president of the Hawks.On Saturday, the French-born American took to Twitter to complain about the way he had been treated by Le Bilboquet, who later apologised but denied that Wilkins had been turned away from the restaurant for the reason he had suggested.“In...