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Following Controversy Rumors, Producer Clarifies Why Dominic Purcell Is Breaking From The Arrow-Verse

Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 has finally arrived, and Arrow-Verse fans are likely happy to have the eclectic group of superheroes back on their screens after such a lengthy hiatus. However, the new season is somewhat bittersweet, as it will mark Dominic Purcell’s last season as a regular cast member. While Purcell has confirmed that he will return to the show in a recurring capacity in Season 7, many fans were likely surprised when he confirmed he would no longer be a regular. Now, a producer has further clarified the reason for the actor breaking from the franchise.
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‘Legends of Tomorrow’: Phil Klemmer, co-showrunner, breaks his silence before the departure of Dominic Purcell

Dominic Purcell tried to pretend he’s leaving ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ on good terms, ensuring that although “it has been a total pleasure” he believes that “it is time to turn the page.” The thing did not suit him too well because he ended up adding things that were not too pretty. Of course, he did not take long to repent and erase the less moderate statements (such as those in which he called those responsible for the study “false sons of bitches”), leaving as I pose a total fatigue.
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Dominic Purcell Announces Exit From ‘DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow’ In Post Slamming Studio, Then Changes Tune

Dominic Purcell has announced that he would be departing from the comic book television series DC’s Legends of Tomorrow following its sixth season in an Instagram post. Purcell portrayed the thuggish anti-hero Mick Rory/Heatwave on the show. In his original post, Purcell slammed the studio Warner Bros for mistreating its actors and not caring about their feelings or well-being, calling the people who run the studios various obscenities and asking fellow cast members Caity Lotz and Nick Zano to look out for any new actors on the show and prevent them from relying on the studio for loyalty.
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Superhero Bits: Dominic Purcell Leaving ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’, Marvel United: X-Men on Kickstarter & More

What is Deathstroke doing in the Batman comic crossover with Fortnite? What’s up with Dominic Purcell leaving DC’s Legends of Tomorrow? Which comic book shows got nominated for MTV Movie & TV Awards? What is the working title for Black Panther II? Who are the odds-on favorite characters to make an appearance in Loki? Which The Flash guest star is joining The Boys spin-off? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.
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Dominic Purcell Is Leaving ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,’ or Maybe He’s Not

For five seasons now on The CW’s DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Dominic Purcell has played Mick Rory, also known as Heat Wave, a hot-headed arsonist with a penchant for the bottle. But this past Saturday (April 17), Purcell himself got a little hot on Instagram, publishing and deleting a series of posts that put his further participation on Legends into question, put the studio that produces it on blast, and put Purcell in a position of general disgruntlement. And all of this drama dropped as season six of Legends of Tomorrow is about to pop off. (It premieres May 2.)
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Legends of Tomorrow Star Dominic Purcell Admits He Was Emotional in Deleted Posts After Confirming Exit

Saturday was a bit of a whirlwind for DC's Legends of Tomorrow fans. In a since-deleted Instagram post, series star Dominic Purcell announced that he was leaving the popular Arrowverse series after six seasons, initially making it sound like his exit was connected to issues with the studio with Purcell even noting that he wouldn't return under any circumstances. He later followed that up with another now-deleted post claiming he was joking and that while he was leaving as a series regular, there was a "handshake deal" for him to appear as a guest in the future. And it appears that Purcell has further clarified the situation in another deleted post, noting that he has no feud with the studio and that he was emotional when he made the post that started this all off in the first place.

Dominic Purcell Says He Has No Beef With WB Over Legends Of Tomorrow Exit

It’s been a strange few days for Legends of Tomorrow. Some now-deleted Instagram posts from Dominic Purcell, who plays Mick Rory/Heat Wave, got people talking about his upcoming exit from the series, and another update has both clarified things and confused them even more. In the first post, Purcell seemed...
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Is Dominic Purcell leaving Legends of Tomorrow after season 6?

Legends of Tomorrow star Dominic Purcell suggested in a since-deleted Instagram post he shared last February that his contract with the CW series is up at the end of season 7. But just last Saturday, in a series of new posts on the social networking site, the actor clarified that his contract is only for six years, and not seven. Does this mean that he will no longer appear in the show after season 6?

Dominic Purcell Leaving 'Legends Of Tomorrow' Amid Controversy

Dominic Purcell is leaving The CW's DC's Legends of Tomorrow after appearing on all five seasons and let his thoughts be known about it on social media where he didn't hold back. Purcell, who played Mick Rory, aka Heat Wave on the series, has since deleted the Instagram post, but...
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Legends Of Tomorrow's Dominic Purcell Clarifies His Exit From The Show After It Appeared He Had 'Beef' With The Studio

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is only a few weeks away from kicking off its sixth season and, based on the trailers we’ve seen, fans are in for a real treat. However, the season just became a bit more sentimental, as Dominic Purcell, who plays Mick Rory / Heat Wave, announced that Season 6 would be his last. While the actor’s original announcement post was mostly amiable, he later followed it up with posts that seemed to indicate he had a “beef” with Warner Bros. Television. Now, Purcell has provided some clarity regarding his posts.
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Legends of Tomorrow star Dominic Purcell says he's leaving the CW show

UPDATE: Dominic Purcell is making DC's Legends of Tomorrow his yesterday. The actor announced he is leaving the CW superhero series in an Instagram post Friday night. "Deal isn't done. I have no interest," he wrote. "What ever cash they throw on the corporate level. Im walking away from @cw_legendsoftomorrow."
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Dominic Purcell Says He’s ‘Walking Away’ From ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

On Friday night, Dominic Purcell posted on Instagram that he is leaving “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.”. “Deal isn’t done,” he wrote. “I have no interest. What ever cash they throw on the corporate level. Im walking away from @cw_legendsoftomorrow. It’s been a total pleasure and a humbling experience bringing @dccomics iconic character #heatwave (aka) MICK RORY to life. I smashed this character— not an actor in the world could have done better.”
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Legends of Tomorrow Star Dominic Purcell Leaves Show as Series Regular

Dominic Purcell deleted his previous Instagram post and shared a new one, saying he has no "beef with the studio at @warnerbrostv." Furthermore, even though he will no longer be a series regular, he will return "periodically." AND NO BODY HAS FORCED ME TO MAKE THIS STATEMENT....God would everyone chill...