Dominic Cummings

Dominic Cummings attempts career reboot as political speaker

More than a year since walking out of Downing Street clutching his possessions in a cardboard box, Dominic Cummings has emerged in public again, recasting himself as a political speaker,. From No 10 to a lecture hall in the Darwin Building at University College London, the man who was once...
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Liz Truss would be even worse PM than Boris Johnson, says Dominic Cummings

Liz Truss would make an “even worse” prime minister than Boris Johnson, former Downing Street adviser Dominic Cummings has said.The strategist, who has been pushing Conservative MPs to oust his former boss, said the foreign secretary was “as close to properly crackers” as anybody he had met in parliament.Despite the steady flow of backbenchers calling for change at No 10, Mr Cummings said many Tories had convinced themselves there was no-one better than Mr Johnson to lead the party.“The Tory party itself is quite rotten now and the sign of that is that they can’t think of anyone better...
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Dominic Cummings claims Boris Johnson said 'I'm the f**king Fuhrer round here'

Dominic Cummings is at it again, hitting out at his former boss Boris Johnson.This time, following the publication of the damning Sue Gray report, he has alleged that Johnson "doesn't think he did anything wrong" and in 2020 said: "Everyone better remember I'm the f***ing Fuhrer around here".It comes after Gray's report said the "senior leadership" in No 10 must ‘bear responsibility" for the culture which led to lockdown rules being broken at a series of events in 2020 and 2021.But Johnson told a Downing Street press conference: "I understand why people are indignant and why people have been angry...

Dominic Cummings claims photos will prove Boris Johnson lied over Partygate

Photos will emerge within the next two days which show that Boris Johnson “obviously lied” to police and the House of Commons about Downing Street parties, the prime minister’s former top aide Dominic Cummings has claimed.Mr Cummings predicted that pictures would be released by factions involved in in-fighting within No 10 as the official report by senior civil servant Sue Gray is finally published.And he alleged that a previously unreported party took place on the evening of Mr Johnson’s 56th birthday in June 2020, following the presentation of a cake for which the PM and wife Carrie were fined.The...

Dominic Cummings issues sinister 'deep state' warning to Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson’s controversial former advisor Dominic Cummings has made some predictions about how the Covid inquiry is going to go and it doesn’t look good for the PM.Cummings was famously Johnson’s chief advisor in the beginning stages of the pandemic in 2020.Despite the PM sticking by him throughout the Barnard Castle and eye test debacle, the pair appeared to fall out and since his resignation in November 2020, Cummings has been slowly revealing insider information about what was really going on.In his latest takedown of his former boss, Cummings suggested that the PM’s handling of the Covid investigations will come...

Dominic Cummings is now roasting the government with a Scarface clip

Just when we thought UK politics couldn’t get any more chaotic, former special adviser Dominic Cummings is back tearing into a government.The former Vote Leave figurehead left his role as Boris Johnson’s right-hand man in November 2020, following a dispute over the resignation of Lee Cain – another ex-member of the 2016 campaign to leave the European Union.Since quitting Downing Street, he’s been a bit of a thorn in the side for Mr Johnson and his government. In May last year, he gave evidence to a Commons select committee on lessons learned from the Covid pandemic, in which he didn’t...

Dominic Cummings accuses Boris Johnson of lying in Lebedev row

Dominic Cummings has accused Boris Johnson of lying over claims that intelligence officers’ security concerns about giving a peerage to a Russian media magnate and son of a former KGB were overridden. The prime minister dismissed as “simply incorrect” reports last week that he tried to intervene to hand...

Dominic Cummings best Twitter moments after he leaves the platform 'for a while'

Dominic Cummings is off Twitter - for now.In an email sent to fans of his blog, Boris Johnson's former advisor said he was off because the app is "appalling for politics and intolerable during a war." Fair enough."I’ve experimented a bit with Twitter to see how it’s changed since 2016 and to push certain memes," he said. "The experiment is over for a while at least."Goodbye, Cummings, you will be missed by the social media platform and everyone addicted to it. Not least because your presence there birthed these amusing moments:1. When Partygate wasn't dramatic enough for himIn February, the...

Satellite venture salvaged by Dominic Cummings faces fraud claim from Trump associate

The taxpayer-backed satellite broadband provider OneWeb is being sued for alleged fraud, breach of contract and misrepresentation by a former business partner of Donald Trump. Giorgi Rtskhiladze, an American-Georgian businessman, claims that he was not paid for arranging space rocket-launch rights for OneWeb in Kazakhstan. The company received public funding in 2020 after filing for bankruptcy and winning the support of Dominic Cummings, then the Prime Minister's most senior adviser.

Dominic Cummings says Boris Johnson blamed him to avoid arguments with wife Carrie

Boris Johnson blamed Dominic Cummings for things as a means of avoiding arguments with his wife, the PM's former advisor has claimed.Mr Cummings says he became aware that the prime minister was telling Carrie Johnson he was responsible things he was not – and that this soured the relationship between the PM's wife and his chief of staff.The pair are thought to have been at odds when Mr Cummings worked for the prime minister, with regular negative briefings to Conservative-supporting newspapers presumed to have come from both sides."He lied to her about a lot of things and blamed me,"...

Photos exist of Boris Johnson at parties being investigated by police, Dominic Cummings says

Photos exist of Boris Johnson at No 10 parties being investigated by the police, Dominic Cummings says he has been told – agreeing they will “incriminate” him.The former chief aide also predicted witnesses will report that “we could all hear a party with Abba playing”, referring to the gathering in the prime minister’s flat on 13 November 2020.Mr Cummings also predicted that Mr Johnson will “keep lying” about the scandal, after being given a stay of execution by the delay in Sue Gray delivering the bulk of her Partygate report.In a question-and-answer session on his paid-for blog, he was...

Michael Gove says he has ‘a deep reservoir of affection’ for Dominic Cummings

Michael Gove has said he has "a deep reservoir of affection" for Dominic Cummings but dismissed the ex-aides criticism of the prime minister.The communities secretary was speaking after Mr Cummings, a former No 10 chief of staff, claimed on Wednesday night that there were photos of Boris Johnson partying during lockdown.Since departing No 10 Mr Cummings, who was a key figure in the Vote Leave Brexit campaign, has waged a guerrilla media war against Mr Johnson's administration. Mr Gove, also a former campaigner for Vote Leave, was asked during a BBC Radio interview on Wednesday morning whether he and Mr...

Everything that Dominic Cummings has ever said about Boris Johnson

Dominic Cummings is on a mission – and he has been since he left his role as Boris Johnson's Chief Advisor in November 2020. Since his departure, the former Downing Street advisor has strongly and publicly lashed out at his former "f***wit" boss – and he certainly hasn't held back.

Boris Johnson news – live: Dominic Cummings says it is his ‘duty to get rid’ of PM amid Partygate ‘time bomb’

Dominic Cummings says he believes it is his “duty to get rid” of the prime minister, describing his campaign against Boris Johnson as “an unpleasant but necessary job” like “fixing the drains”.In a rare interview with New York magazine, the PM’s ex-chief adviser called his former boss a “complete f***wit” and took aim at his ability to lead the country. Mr Cummings’ latest attack came after former home secretary David Blunkett suggested MI5 is likely taking an “urgent look” into how big of a “security risk” Mr Johnson is amid the ongoing Partygate furore. It is still unclear when...

Boris Johnson obsessed with monuments to himself ‘like Roman emperors’, Dominic Cummings says

Dominic Cummings says Boris Johnson is obsessed with monuments in his memory “like the Roman emperors” – as he describes how it is his “duty” to get rid of him.In his latest attack on the prime minister, the former chief aide said he only got excited about “Big Ben’s bongs” and “looking at maps” to find places to build things in his honour.Mr Cummings called his campaign to topple Mr Johnson “an unpleasant but necessary job” like “fixing the drains”, calling him “a complete ****wit”.The pair’s bitter fallout has seen the exiled aide first reveal the lockdown-busting No 10...