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Diego Sanchez hints at potential move to boxing

Former Ultimate Fighter winner Diego Sanchez says his fighting career is not over and he is now hinting at a future in the world of boxing. Sanchez was recently released by the UFC following a disagreement between his former coach/manager Joshua Fabia and the promotion regarding the release of medical documents. The UFC decided to let him go and paid off the final fight of his contract, which was supposed to be a welterweight bout against Donald Cerrone. Sanchez later severed ties with Fabia, but he is still technically a free agent now. There is still the possibility things could work out with the UFC now that Fabia is out of the picture, but more than likely it seems like Sanchez will have to go to another promotion, or perhaps another sport.
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‘I built myself! Not a coach,’ Fabia-free Diego Sanchez hints at move to boxing

The story of Diego Sanchez and Joshua Fabia is one of the more bizarre, and sometimes concerning, tales we’ve seen play out in MMA over the last few months. For a time it seemed the UFC’s veteran’s loyalty to the guru behind the School of Self-Awareness seemed ironclad. Fabia, who popped up in Sanchez’s corner a few years ago and later became Sanchez’s head coach and seemingly spiritual advisor, recently cost Sanchez his place in the UFC and fight with fellow Albuquerque fight-scene legend Donald Cerrone.
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Is Diego Sanchez Looking To Transition To Boxing?

Diego Sanchez may be hinting at trying his hand at the sweet science. Sanchez has been undergoing some changes as of late. First, he was released from his UFC contract. Then, “The Nightmare” dropped Joshua Fabia as his manager, coach, and “guru.”. Could another change be in store for Sanchez?...

Diego Sanchez REMOVES Joshua Fabia from his LIFE

Former UFC fighter, Diego Sanchez has announced on his Twitter that he is finally back. He has realized that his MMA coach, Joshua Fabia has been taking advantage of him since the very start. Many of the veteran fighters were telling Sanchez to get rid of his coach and went to as far as calling Fabia a “parasite”.
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Morning Report: Diego Sanchez responds to Joshua Fabia’s comments: ‘Love thy neighbor and love thy enemy’

Last month, Diego Sanchez parted ways with his highly controversial coach and mentor, Joshua Fabia, following a split with the UFC. Fabia did not take the parting of ways well, publicly blasting Sanchez shortly after it happened and making some serious accusations towards Sanchez regarding his character and health. But despite Fabia’s comments, Sanchez is taking the high road in his split with former “guru,” posting his response to the situation on his social media yesterday.

Diego Sanchez Issues Statement, Refuses To “Fire Back” At Joshua Fabia

Diego Sanchez has chosen to take the high road in his first full statement since his falling out with Joshua Fabia. Last week, Joshua Fabia spoke for the first time since separating from ex-client Diego Sanchez in a truly explosive interview rife with character-damaging accusations aimed at Sanchez. Among the many accusations launched by Fabia is that Sanchez used steroids earlier in his life, decided to throw a fight in the UFC, and was dishonest about his mental capacities.
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Dana White To Diego Sanchez: “Pick Up The Phone And Call Me”

The professional relationship between UFC boss Dana White and the first-ever ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ winner Diego Sanchez has been on very thin ice in the last few weeks. This would start with the 16-year UFC’s veteran’s release from the promotion. Sanchez was set to make his last paycheck against Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone earlier this month but would instead be compensated on his way out, without competing in his retirement fight.

Dana White extends olive branch: ‘Diego Sanchez can pick up the phone and call me’

When Diego Sanchez exited the UFC it felt like some pretty significant bridges had been burned behind him. Largely the work of his now former trainer and guru Joshua Fabia, Sanchez was involved in confrontations and bizarre situations with UFC staff, the Nevada State Athletic Commission, and even other athletes before his release in late April of this year.
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Michael Bisping unleashes tirade on ‘little cockroach’ Joshua Fabia for Diego Sanchez comments

Michael Bisping is not going to sit idly by and see a fellow MMA legend’s name dragged through the mud. With Diego Sanchez having recently parted ways with sham guru Joshua Fabia, that particular saga of the original Ultimate Fighter winner’s life appears to be coming to a close, but not without some added drama. In an interview released this past Friday, Fabia sought to attack Sanchez’s reputation, making a number of unsubstantiated claims about Sanchez’s private life.
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MMA veteran Phil Baroni offers to fight Diego Sanchez following UFC release, requests Conor McGregor promote the bout

Phil Baroni has offered himself out for a fight with Diego Sanchez after his UFC release – and he wants Conor McGregor to promote it. Baroni is best known for his days in the UFC but he’s also been able to stay in the public eye fairly regularly in recent years, whether it be due to his exploits with Stephan Bonnar or his tenure in bare-knuckle boxing.