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WATCH: Dianne Morales on what progressives want from real estate

When it comes to the mayoral race, real estate seems safe. Still, progressive ideals from left-wing candidates like Dianne Morales resonate with many New Yorkers. That might not be enough to propel her or even the race’s progressive standard bearer, Maya Wiley, into Gracie Mansion, but the industry still considers these positions to be a threat.
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NYC Mayoral Candidate Dianne Morales Believes She is What NYC Needs

ESSENCE speaks with the Afro-Latina candidate on her mayoral race and the "multiple pandemics" facing Black and brown New Yorkers. With the New York City primaries slated to take place on June 22, 2021, New York City mayoral candidate Dianne Morales believes she has what it takes to run America’s most populous city.

Dianne Morales refuses her staff union’s demands

Dianne Morales, once a rising New York City mayoral candidate, refused her newly formed staff unions’ demands on Friday, likely extending an impasse that has mired her campaign in internecine drama just weeks before the June 22 Democratic primary election. Highlighting the impact of the labor dispute, the Working Families...

Dianne Morales is still in the race

Like what you’re hearing? Subscribe to us at iTunes, check us out on Spotify and hear us on Google, Amazon, Stitcher and TuneIn. This is our RSS feed. Tell a friend!. Dianne Morales’ mayoral campaign is in disarray. Last Tuesday internal issues at her campaign bubbled to the fore when her campaign manager resigned saying she “would no longer be able to continue on the campaign until harmful actors were removed.”
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Dianne Morales calls campaign a ‘beautiful mess’ as staff seeks to unionize

Progressive mayoral candidate Dianne Morales called the state of her chaotic campaign a “beautiful mess” as some staffers look to unionize amid ongoing internal turmoil. “It’s a beautiful and messy thing, that they’re doing this,” Morales said Thursday during an appearance on NY1’s “Inside City Hall.”. “I think it’s reflective...

Dianne Morales running to be the first Hispanic mayor of NYC

(Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images) (NEW YORK) New York City mayoral candidate Dianne Morales continues to run on a progressive campaign as the first Afro-Latina candidate. Brooklyn native Morales left her job as a former nonprofit executive in 2019 to run for mayor, according to NBC News. She was also recently the CEO of Phipps Neighborhoods, a Bronx-based nonprofit that provides affordable housing and social services to low-income families. She sat on Mayor Bill de Blasio's Community School advisory board and on the board of the Human Services Council and is also a founding member of the early education organization Jumpstart.
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Dianne Morales shakes up mayoral campaign staff after ‘harm caused’

Far-left mayoral candidate Dianne Morales faltering campaign is in trouble once again, this time by a major shake-up of her team over “harm caused by certain staff on our campaign.”. Morales campaign manager Whitney Hu and senior staffers Ramses Duke and Amanda Van Kesell are no longer working for the...

Newcomer Dianne Morales shows staying power in progressive bid for mayor

Dianne Morales began her first political campaign in 2019 as a little-known, nonprofit executive promising to radically transform City Hall. Initially viewed as something of an afterthought in a crowded Democratic primary that drew big-name candidates, Morales has proven to be a force among the leading eight Democrats vying for the nomination on June 22. The only Afro-Latina in the top tier is also the only candidate to fully embrace a significant defunding of police, closing Rikers without building new jails and raising taxes on the wealthy. And the left has taken notice.
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Mayoral hopeful Dianne Morales lied about bribing sewer inspector: memo

Lefty mayoral longshot Dianne Morales once paid a bribe to a corrupt Department of Environmental Protection employee to nix a $12,000 sewer bill and then lied to investigators about it, a damning new memo reveals. Morales was among nine New Yorkers who crooked water inspector Herbie Barnwell hit up, promising...

Eric Adams, Dianne Morales fend off impropriety accusations

NEW YORK — Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, one of the top contenders in the Democratic primary race for mayor, was knocked on his heels Monday. "To just give the innuendo on the front page, above the fold, that Eric Adams took donations to help developers? No, I helped developers and shelters to help New Yorkers," Adams told reporters Monday after a rally where he received the endorsement of Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA).
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Dianne Morales Hears a Voice Calling for Radical Change. Do New Yorkers Hear It Too?

Much ado has been made over the past year's transformation—for better or for worse—of New York City. As the country's original epicenter of the calamitous COVID-19 pandemic, the city (though certainly far from "dead") endured profound change: an urban exodus of millions, more than 30,000 dead from the no-longer-novel virus, a summer of uprisings against anti-Black state violence, an economy collapsed. Now, as outgoing mayor and former presidential candidate Bill de Blasio prepares to leave Gracie Mansion, another metamorphosis is on the horizon.

Dianne Morales Envisions a City Government That Values Everyone Equally

Dianne Morales is making waves for a candidate who lacked name recognition when she entered the mayoral race. If campaign donations are any indication, she’s a top-tier candidate. According to an analysis by The City, Morales was the top choice of donors who contributed to more than one campaign. That’s...