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WHO IS THAT GAL? Diane Arbus

At the “Scholar’s Gate” entrance to Central Park at 5th Avenue and 60th Street you will find a bronze statue of photographer Diane Arbus, created by sculptor Gillian Wearing, scheduled to be on exhibit until mid-August 2022. Though I have never been to a formal museum exhibit of Arbus’ photography I have always been fascinated with her work; she sought out unusual-appearing subjects, people marginalized by society, especially in the era she worked, the 1950s and 1960s, a time when conformity in habits and dress was a ticket to acceptability, society, marriage and work, things prized above all in the era.
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Statue of Diane Arbus in Doris C. Freedman Plaza

Gilded monuments and bronze statues evoke the public art of a bygone era, though we’ve recently been reminded of the potent symbolic value they still hold. Artist Gillian Wearing (b. 1963, Birmingham, England) has been fascinated by these sculptures since childhood. For her, there’s something uncanny about a human form that appears immovable and changeless in a public setting. Wearing has alwasy made art about people, usually presented in unexpected ways, in photography, video, and more recently, sculpture.
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Photographer Diane Arbus honored with life-size bronze statue in Central Park

British conceptual artist Gillian Wearing has created a bronze statue honoring the late photographer Diane Arbus. The statue is presented by Public Art Fund and will be in Doris C. Freedman Plaza in Central Park in New York City until August 14, 2022. 'In her bronze 'Diane Arbus,' we see...

A Diane Arbus Tribute, Graphic Blankets, and Other Things I Liked This Week

Every couple of weeks, I’ll round up and share the objects, designers, news, and events worth knowing about. Pamela Council’s Fountain for Survivors in Times Square. There’s an 18-foot-tall sculpture in Times Square covered in 400,000 hot-pink, lavender, and peach acrylic fingernails and shaped rather … yonically. Step inside and you’ll find a three-tier fountain gushing with Florida Water, a floral cologne that’s said to have healing properties. Pamela Council, the Bronxville-based artist behind the piece, views the sculpture as an offering to survivors and, like the fountains they’ve made in the past, a symbol of joy and resistance. The sculpture is an extension of Council’s exploration of Blaxidermy, their term for a Black-vernacular camp aesthetic that represents things that are skillfully made by hand. The sculpture is intended to be a space where individuals can reflect on their own survival — whatever their personal definition of that might be. Fountain for Survivors is on view through December 8.

Statue of Legendary Photographer Diane Arbus Erected in Central Park

A life-size sculpture of the legendary photographer Diane Arbus has been temporarily erected in New York’s Central Park as a tribute to her impact on photography and because public statues have been typically male-dominated. As a New Yorker through and through, Arbus was a regular visitor at Central Park. The...

Temporary Statue Of Legendary Photographer Diane Arbus Goes Up In Central Park

How many statues dedicated to real women are in Central Park? Just one, and it only went up last year. A new statue has temporarily joined the landscape, though—the Public Art Fund has brought a life-size sculpture of photographer Diane Arbus to the park's Doris C. Freedman Plaza this week, saying it "asserts the impact of Arbus’s human approach to photography and the visibility of women within the male dominated tradition of public statuary."