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Devon Sawa: ‘I had to smoke pot in movies and be in a hip-hop video to get away from Casper’

Can I keep you?” At 14, Devon Sawa had no idea how impactful that little bit of dialogue would become. Playing the human version of Fifties cartoon hero Casper the Friendly Ghost in the CGI-driven 1995 film Casper, the blonde, angelic Sawa only graced the screen for about five minutes. After descending a dramatic staircase, he and co-star Christina Ricci slow dance in mid-air and share a kiss. But, because IRL Casper is under a “Cinderella”-type spell, he morphs back into a spectre as the clock strikes 10. Sawa’s part was over, but those four words would haunt him for...
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'Hacks' Season 2: Devon Sawa on the Unexpected Romance With Jean Smart's Deborah

From creators/showrunners Lucia Aniello, Paul W. Downs and Jen Statsky, the second season of the HBO Max original comedy series Hacks follows legendary Las Vegas comedian Deborah Vance (Jean Smart) on the road and traveling across the country with talented but disgruntled writer Ava (Hannah Einbinder). As they workshop a new stand-up act, they quickly learn what works and what doesn’t, both on stage and in their own collaborative relationship.
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Devon Sawa Is More Than 'Sexy FedEx Guy' in 'Hacks'

In the sixth episode of this season of HBO Max's Hacks, Ava (Hannah Einbinder) wonders where her boss Deborah Vance, played by Jean Smart, has gone. They are in Memphis at a bar with a mechanical bull. Deborah's personal blackjack dealer-slash-friend Kiki (Poppy Liu) explains, nonchalantly, "She's about to get her titties sucked by a 40 year-old." That 40 year-old happens to be played by erstwhile teen heartthrob Devon Sawa.

Jean Smart Teased Her ‘Hacks’ Love Scene Partner Devon Sawa About His ‘90s Heartthrob Status

Deborah Vance (Jean Smart) finally gets laid in Hacks Season 2 this week and we are all the better for it. Hacks Season 2 Episode 6 “The Click” follows Deborah as she gets her groove back after a one night stand with a handsome younger man played by none other than ’90s and early ’00s heartthrob Devon Sawa. Deborah meets this man at a random bar that she, Ava (Hannah Einbinder), Kiki (Poppy Liu), and Ava’s party-crashing mom (Jane Adams) hit up after a disappointing show. To Deborah’s surprise, Sawa’s character isn’t just into her, but totally down for a no...

Devon Sawa will return from the grave to play new character in Chucky season 2

You can't keep killer doll Chucky down and it seems the same goes for Devon Sawa. The actor died twice on season 1 of the horror series Chucky with his twin brother characters Logan and Lucas Wheeler both meeting gruesome demises thanks to you-know-who. But EW can exclusively reveal that Sawa is returning to play a new character in season 2 of the USA/Syfy show.

Devon Sawa returns to 'Chucky' Season 2 in new role

May 10 (UPI) -- USA Network and Syfy announced Devon Sawa is returning for Season 2 of Chucky. Sawa will play a different character than he played in Season 1. Sawa has already been killed twice on Chucky. He played twin brothers Logan and Luke Wheeler, neither of whom made it through the first season alive.

Devon Sawa will return for Chucky Season 2 as a new character

Sawa announced the news in a video in which he reads a letter from Chucky himself. "I don't usually make these videos but I just wanted to read this email from my costar, so you can see what I go through," explains Sawa. "It says, 'Dear Gavin Sawa, I hope this email finds you well, I just want you to know that the only reason that you're here is because I allowed it. Have a great season 2. Love, Chucky. P.S. Just kidding, you suck.'"

Chucky Season 2 Will Bring Back Devon Sawa

You know the saying: you can't keep a good guy down, and you can't keep Devon Sawa's "Chucky" characters dead. The actor revealed that he'll be returning for season 2 of the USA/Syfy series in an interview with Entertainment Weekly today, via a note from the killer doll himself. "Dear...