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How a viral toxin may exacerbate severe COVID-19

A new study in the journal Nature Communications reveals how a viral toxin produced by the SARS-CoV-2 virus may contribute to severe COVID-19 infections. The study shows how a portion of the SARS-CoV-2 "spike" protein can damage cell barriers that line the inside of blood vessels within organs of the body such as the lungs, contributing to what is known as vascular leak. Blocking the activity of this protein may help prevent some of COVID-19's deadliest symptoms, including pulmonary edema, which contributes to acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).

New customizable, strontium-filled scaffold could improve dental implant healing

A team of University at Buffalo researchers has developed a new strontium-loaded scaffold that can be personalized to fit any size dental implant and could help improve healing and tissue attachment in patients. The success of dental implants is dependent on the growth and adhesion of soft tissues to the...

College Basketball Odds: Washington vs. Gonzaga prediction, odds and pick – 12/9/2022

The Washington Huskies take on the Gonzaga Bulldogs. Check out our college basketball odds series for our Washington Gonzaga prediction and pick. The college basketball season has not been what Gonzaga wanted it to be. Not only have the Zags lost big to Purdue and gotten handled by Texas and Baylor; even some of their wins don’t look that impressive. Their one-point win over Michigan State looks a lot worse now that Tom Izzo’s Spartans have lost three of their last five games (Alabama, Notre Dame, Northwestern). Gonzaga has been a No. 1 seed in each of the last three NCAA Tournaments which were played (not counting the 2020 NCAA Tournament, which never did begin because of the pandemic). This Gonzaga team has played its way out of a top seed. This is where the Zags’ West Coast Conference affiliation hurts them. If they don’t clean up in the nonconference portion of their schedule, they don’t have a lot of chances to make up ground in the race for seeding when they play in the WCC. Running the table in the WCC could, at this point, give Gonzaga the ceiling of a No. 3 or 4 seed, but the Zags are almost certain to not be a top-two seed given all their losses in the first month of competition.

Orchid-shaped villa is rare beautiful combination of nature-inspired architecture and luxurious living

Orchids are some of the most famously precious plant species just for how specific their cultivation needs are. An orchid is easily 30-50 times more expensive than a rose, so it only made sense that Thilina Liyanage chose that flower as inspiration for his luxury villa design, located somewhere on the banks of a rocky creek. The Orchid Villa is a rather eye-catching jewel emerging out of the wilderness. The luxury holiday home sits away from civilization, providing its residents with the perfect getaway residence for a weekend or two. The multi-level residence comes with living quarters on the lower floor, a private pool on the terrace, and a cantilever hammock that hangs right above an adjoining lake, giving you an incredible lounging spot to watch the sunsets.

Medical Fiction: Bosco and the Baneful Buttons

This is one of a collection of stories that are like “Final Destination” meets “The Monkey’s Paw” (W. W. Jacobs, 1902). As such, they are tragedies more than either mysteries or horror, and would appeal most to readers who enjoy the inexorable pull of a story arc that leads to doom. In each story, a protagonist makes a wish that comes true with fatal results for someone, often the person making the wish. Nothing supernatural, but just how things work out. (Or is it?) The technical details surrounding the fatal (or near-fatal) event are drawn from real cases in the US OSHA incident report database or similar sources and are therefore entirely realistic, even if seemingly outlandish. The plots draw lightly from cultural beliefs around actions such as pointing at someone with a stick or knife, wishing in front of a mirror, or stepping on a crack.
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Democratic Lawmakers Accuse Big Oil Companies of ‘Greenwashing'

Democratic representatives Carolyn B. Maloney and Ro Khanna sent a letter on Friday to the rest of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform with the latest findings from their investigation into the fossil fuel industry's response to climate change. The committee began its investigation into what it calls a... Automobile Accident in Machesney Park

Sources are reporting an automobile accident. It happened earlier today near 700 block of Ralston rd. Initial reports are saying that there is an accident that involves 2 vehicles near this location. Unconfirmed reports are saying that it appears that at least one person is possibly injured. It is unknown...
MACHESNEY PARK, IL : Accident With Injuries, Possible Vehicle on Fire

Sources are reporting an automobile accident. On I-39 just South of the bypass. Initial reports are saying that there is an accident near this location. One vehicle might be on fire. Not confirmed. Unconfirmed reports are saying that it appears that at least one person is possibly injured. It is...