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Deroy Murdock: Biden blames Big Oil for high cost of his War on Oil

JOE BIDEN is the kind of man who deliberately would steer his car into a ditch, crawl from the wreckage, and then probe the ditch for criminal conduct. Such nonsense mirrors Biden’s recent instructions to the Federal Trade Commission. Citing “mounting evidence of anti-consumer behavior by oil-and-gas companies,” Biden told the FTC to “bring all of the Commission’s tools to bear if you uncover any wrongdoing.”

Deroy Murdock: Voters shout at Democrats and their message is 'no, no, no'

From the White House to school boards across America, voters on Tuesday shouted, "No!" to far-left public policy. They screamed at Democrats: "No!" to reckless spending, meddlesome bureaucrats, bear hugs for criminals, racial fetishism in classrooms and beyond, soaring energy prices, a monthly-average of 179,779 illegal aliens invading the southern "border" on President Joe Biden’s watch, and much more.
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Deroy Murdock: Mitch McConnell collapses beneath Democrat debt-limit lies

Yet again, as Democrats are dazed, divided, and desperate, the Senate Republican leader rides to their rescue. McConnell, Kentucky’s senior senator, is bailing out Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. McConnell will deliver enough GOP votes to help Democrats increase the national debt limit by $480 billion through December. The Senate reportedly will vote today on this bipartisan fiscal-recklessness pact.

Deroy Murdock: Biden is not the victim, he's the perpetrator

People on the right have questioned who is running the White House since Joe Biden took office on January 20. Speculation has ranged from Kamala Harris to Susan Rice, however, Deroy Murdock disagrees. Murdock believes, based on the evidence, that what we are currently seeing from the White House is from nonother than Joe Biden himself.