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Deroy Murdock: America is in the middle of a crime surge. It's unmistakable who should get the blame

Today’s explosion in violent crime parallels the return of 1970s-style inflation and gasoline lines. Wide ties and polyester slacks can’t be far behind. Criminals themselves are the root cause of crime — now and forevermore. But the thugs’ enablers, and sometime cheerleaders, are the root cause of nearly every contemporary American malady: The Democratic-left.
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Deroy Murdock: Joe Biden and a tragic tale of 3 pipelines – Trump's hard-won energy independence is gone

After reading this tale of three pipelines, an unhappy ending will be hard to avoid. First, on January 20, Biden’s initial afternoon as president, he ditched the Trump-approved Keystone XL pipeline. Some 11,000 high-paying jobs, many unionized, vanished. While these suddenly unemployed Americans sulked, Russian President Vladimir Putin cheered. By...
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Deroy Murdock: Biden's 'Jim Eagle' vs. Jim Crow – here's what Democrats get so profoundly wrong on race

To see what racism and race-baiting look like, peer no further than today’s Democrat-Left. From relentless obsession with critical race theory, baseless claims of "systemic racism," critical race theory brainwashing sessions, to delivery of health care based on skin color, Democrats and their ideological brethren see everything through black-and-white glasses.
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Deroy Murdock: 'Systemic racism' is no match for Black power

President Joe Biden and top Democrats lately sound like a scratched album on the record player. They sing the same lyric, over and over again. And it grates more deeply with repetition. After Tuesday’s all-counts conviction of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin for murdering George Floyd, Biden decried "the...
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Deroy Murdock: Under Biden, our southern border has become a crime scene

President Joe Biden’s "come one, come all," promises and policies have turned the U.S.-Mexico border into a humanitarian catastrophe, a public-health calamity, and a national-security crisis. Biden also has transformed America’s southern frontier into a gigantic crime scene. The border criminals include every illegal alien who invades America without permission....
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Deroy Murdock: Biden campaigned on unity and massively broke that promise

Fox News contributor Deroy Murdock said Biden is not doing so hot. He isn't feeling like people are coming together and really unifying as a nation. Look at the ongoing situation on the border. Murdock said Biden could have found amnesty without opening the border wide open. He also listed restoring critical race theory, trillion-dollar bills, and getting rid of the 1776 Commission as reasons why he does not think the president or his administration truly mean they are ready to work together with the parties.
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Deroy Murdock: Welcome to Biden's border crisis, sponsored in part by Trump Derangement Syndrome

Whether one calls it a crisis or a challenge, the U.S.-Mexico border has become a man-made disaster hand-crafted by President Joe Biden. Candidate Biden promised illegal aliens red-carpet treatment, amnesty, and citizenship. Message: Received. The Customs and Border Protection’s encounters with single adults on the southern frontier climbed 157 percent...
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Deroy Murdock: HR1, the 'For the People Act,' tells us the Democratic Party is now the party of vote fraud

The Democratic Party is the party of vote fraud. Yes, this is quite a charge, but abundant evidence confirms this allegation. •Democrats resist virtually every Republican idea to make America’s elections more secure, and they labor tirelessly to make this country’s elections more chaotic, more unsupervised, and more unreliable. Democrats used COVID-19 as an excuse to dilute voting standards that would make the citizens of almost any Third World country blush.
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Deroy Murdock: $15-per-hour minimum wage is great news…for robots

NEW YORK — President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. and other Leftists reassure Americans that hiking the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $15 per hour will rescue laborers from destitution. Biden said last month: “Fifteen dollars gets people above the poverty line.”. Alas, as Monty Python once put it, there’s...
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‘How the mighty have fallen’: Geraldo Rivera, Deroy Murdock rail against scandal-ridden Andrew Cuomo

Fox News correspondent-at-large Geraldo Rivera and Fox News contributor Deroy Murdock denounced New York’s scandal-plagued governor, Democrat Andrew Cuomo, after former aide Lindsey Boylan accused him of sexually harassing her. "How the mighty have fallen," Rivera told Martha MacCallum on "The Story" Wednesday. "Just six months ago, Andrew Cuomo was...

Deroy Murdock: Trump answered liberal prayers through conservative means

Whenever liberals see former President Donald J. Trump strolling through Palm Beach, they should disturb his peace just long enough to yell two words at him:. While they never will admit it, the now-former president secured numerous policy objectives that leftists advocate. However, Trump answered liberal prayers through conservative means. This, of course, makes him "worse than Hitler," as Refuse Fascism organizer Sunsara Taylor told Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson.
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Deroy Murdock: Final, fair look at Trump presidency shows abundant policy victories

"Life isn’t fair," President John F. Kennedy once said. A hundred years hence, history books will recall President Trump for his two impeachments and detail the deadly U.S. Capitol riot that he is accused of fomenting — never mind that he told his supporters at a rally near the White House: "I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard." [Emphasis added.]