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“The Crossover” With Jalyn Hall, Amir O’Neil And Derek Luke Coming To Disney+

We are getting a series inspired by The Crossover coming to Disney+ sometime soon as production will officially begin next month if all goes well. We are getting Jalyn Hall as Josh Bell, Amir O’Neil as JB Bell, Derek Luke as Chuck Bell, Sabrina Revelle as Crystal Bell, Skyla I’Lece as Alex, Deja Monique Cruz as Maya, and Trevor Raine Bush as Vondie. The story has Josh and JB as basketball players dealing with their issues on and off the court as the two brothers navigate life and well as interact with their parents.
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Erika Alexander and Derek Luke on Survivalism in Epix’s American Refugee [Exclusive Interview]

American Refugee with Erika Alexander and Derek Luke. If the American government collapses, then everyone is on their own with the survival mentality. In Epix’s American Refugee, the nation was on the brink of chaos and collapse and everyone resorted to helping themselves. With the stars Erika Alexander and Derek Luke, the story hit really close to reality and to home.
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Interview with AMERICAN REFUGEE Stars Erika Alexander and Derek Luke

American Refugee, the upcoming Blumhouse Television horror thriller film premiering on December 10th on EPIX, examines how the greatest danger can be those closest to you. Directed by Ali LeRoi, American Refugee shows a modern America where the economy has collapsed, leading to mayhem and anarchy. The Taylor family, headed by Greg (Derek Luke) and Helen (Erika Alexander), must take shelter with their children in their mysterious neighbor’s bunker. As the terror above rampages on, the Taylors must navigate their way within the terror below or pay the ultimate price.

Derek Luke and Erika Alexander talk ‘American Refugee’ correspondent Koku Tona sat down with Derek Luke and Erika Alexander to talk their roles in the Blumhouse and MGM original ‘American Refugee’. The pair talked about their experiences on set, taking on unexpected roles and more!!. ‘American Refugee’ premieres on EPIX Friday, December 10th, 2021. Check out the...

Watch This Official Trailer For AMERICAN REFUGEE Starring Derek Luke and Sam Trammell

Written by Allison Buckmelter and Nicolas Buckmelter. Executive Producers: Jason Blum, Chris McCumber and Jeremy Gold for Blumhouse, and Lisa Bruce. Cast: Erika Alexander, Derek Luke, Sam Trammell, Zamani Wilder, Jessi Case, Vince Mattis, Charity Jordan, and Peyton Jackson. Premieres December 10, 2021 on EPIX & for Digital Purchase via...

Derek Luke to Reunite With Katie Holmes in ‘Rare Objects’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Derek Luke will star in “Rare Objects,” reuniting with Katie Holmes nearly two decades after the pair appeared together in 2003’s “Pieces of April.” Holmes not only stars in “Rare Objects,” but will produce and direct the movie as well. She also co-wrote its screenplay, which is based on Kathleen Tessaro’s novel of the same name, with Phaedon Papadopoulos. Julia Mayorga, the breakout star of Showtime’s “American Rust,” is part of the ensemble. Luke will also appear in another (still-untitled) film directed by Holmes alongside Jim Sturgess and Melissa Leo. Luke is an Independent Spirit Award-winning actor for his debut performance in the...