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Dennis Rodman On Guarding Magic Johnson After HIV Diagnosis: "I Couldn't Care Less If The Guy I'm Guarding Has HIV. I'm Going To Slam Him Anyways."

When Magic Johnson announced he had HIV, the NBA world didn't know how to react. His colleagues had a hard time trying to figure out what to do or what Magic should do with his career. He received a lot of criticism mostly due to the misinformation about the disease, which led Magic to retire from the game for the first time.
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Dennis Rodman at Swan

Miami, FL – May 13, 2022 – The hall of famer and 5x NBA champion icon himself, Dennis Rodman, hosted his birthday bash at Swan Miami. Where his closest friends and family gathered, and celebrated him the right way.

“It’ll take them 6 days to finish this game” - Kevin Durant on how a Draymond Green vs Dennis Rodman matchup would turn out

Kevin Durant has notoriously been known for spending a lot of time on Twitter, dishing out his takes, or using a burner account to defend his reputation. In this year's playoffs, the Nets superstar has been active more than ever with all the free time he now has. In his latest tweet, KD shared what he thinks would happen if his former teammate Draymond Green and Hall-of-Famer Dennis Rodman faced each other one-on-one. "I'll take them 6 days to finish this game," Durant said. A subtle shot or a form of praise? If there's one common denominator between Green and Rodman's game, it's their defensive impact on the floor. However, for as dominant as both players are on defense, Green and Rodman are also offensively limited. In his 10 seasons so far in the league, Green averages 8.7 points per game while Rodman ranked up 7.3 points per game in his 14-year career. So, to go back to Durant's tweet, he could possibly mean two things: That it'll take Green and Rodman six days to score on each other because of their lim.

Dennis Rodman at LIV

Miami Beach, FL – May 13, 2022 – The famous 5x NBA winning icon, Dennis Rodman had the ultimate birthday bash at LIV on Friday, where he was seen celebrating with friends and ordering endless bottle parades. Partygoers joined in on the celebration, as they danced under the neon lights all night long.

Dennis Rodman Fast Facts

Here’s a look at the life of former professional basketball player Dennis Rodman. Marriages: Michelle Moyer (2003-2012, divorced); Carmen Electra (1998-1999, divorced); Anicka Bakes (1992-1993, divorced) Children: with Michelle Moyer: Trinity and Dennis Jr.; with Anicka Bakes: Alexis. Education: Attended Cooke County Junior College, 1982-1983; Attended Southeastern Oklahoma State...

Dennis Rodman Once Said He, Michael Jordan, And Scottie Pippen Could Lock Up LeBron James: "LeBron Is So Easy To Play. He’s So F**king Easy To Play. He Doesn’t Have Any Moves."

If there is something that will never end it is the comparison between players from different eras. Even in that niche, most comparisons revolve around the legendary players from the Chicago Bulls. Yes, we are talking about the likes of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman. A perfect example...

Herb Jones can be the New Orleans Pelicans’ Dennis Rodman

Herb Jones of the New Orleans Pelicans put on a masterclass in defense last night, holding Chris Paul to just four points and dominating the perimeter. Jones uses a combination of athleticism, IQ, length and sheer will on the defensive end, and it was all on display last night, as he battled over screens and seemed to contest just about every shot.
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Top 50 NBA players from last 50 years: Dennis Rodman ranks No. 47

Editor's Note: As part of a new series for his podcast "What’s Wright with Nick Wright," FOX Sports commentator Nick Wright is ranking the 50 best NBA players of the last 50 years. The countdown continues today with player No. 47, Dennis Rodman. Dennis Rodman’s career highlights:. Two-time...
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Dennis Rodman I No. 47 I Nick Wright's Top 50 NBA Players of the Last 50 Years I What's Wright?

One of the great rebounders and defenders in NBA history, former Chicago Bulls and Detroit Pistons star Dennis Rodman is No. 47 on Nick Wright's Top 50 NBA Players of the Last 50 Years. Rodman is a five-time NBA champion, two-time Defensive Player of the Year, seven-time First Team All-Defense, and seven-time rebounds leader. With Rodman's greatness, Nick explains why you don't need to be an elite scorer to crack the top 50.

Steven Adams’ great Dennis Rodman quote goes viral

Steven Adams wasn’t even born yet when Dennis Rodman won his first NBA rebounding title, but Adams can still appreciate what The Worm achieved. The Memphis Grizzlies center Adams went viral this week for his hilarious quote about the retired Basketball Hall of Famer Rodman, one of the most tenacious rebounders ever. Adams just broke the Grizzlies’ team record for the most offensive rebounds in a single season and was asked how he did it.