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Dennis Prager packs the house in Anchorage and warns of one of the biggest threats to the country: Universities

Dennis Prager, founder of Prager University (PragerU), host of a nationally syndicated talk show and podcast, author of several books, and highly sought-after conservative speaker, packed the house at the Hotel Captain Cook in Anchorage on Saturday evening. The hotel said it was the largest event held at the hotel since the Covid lockdowns started in 2020.
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Dennis Prager

Dennis Prager is the author of The Rational Passover Haggadah, published by Regnery on March 1, 2022. He is a nationally syndicated radio talk show host and columnist, and co-founder of PragerU.

Salem Podcast Network Announces New Podcast with Dennis Prager and Julie Hartman.

Syndicated conservative talk radio host Dennis Prager will team up with college student Julie Hartmann for a new podcast that will become the 22nd show from the Salem Podcast Network. The Dennis and Julie podcast will take on topics from their much different vantage points – Prager is an influential writer and host of Salem’s “The Dennis Program Show” on radio while Hartmann is a senior at Harvard University.

Dennis Prager

Fiercely independent, Prager's opinions, intellect, and integrity have influenced millions of lives through books, lectures, and broadcasts. Dennis Prager is one of the most respected and influential thinkers, writers, and speakers in America. Here are some reasons:. First, he is a nationally syndicated talk show host – heard across the...
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DENNIS PRAGER: A brief guide to Leftist destruction

To understand the modern world, perhaps the most important rule one needs to know is this: Everything the Left touches it ruins.This first became clear to me years ago during my radio show. I was talking about the Left’s war on the Boy Scouts (for not accepting announced gay people).

Dennis Prager Digs In Comparing the Unvaccinated to Gay Men During AIDS Crisis: We’re ‘The Most Hated Group’ Since Slavery

Dennis Prager dug in on his comparison between unvaccinated Americans and gay men who were pariahs at the height of the AIDS crisis. To briefly recap: In a Newsmax appearance earlier this month, the conservative radio host said, “During the AIDS crisis, can you imagine if gay men and intravenous drug users, who were the vast majority of the people with AIDS, had they been pariahs the way the non-vaccinated are? But it would have been inconceivable. And it should have been inconceivable! They should not have been made pariahs. But this is kosher, this is okay.”