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Emmy-Winning Writer, Comedian Kevin Rooney, Who Worked With Jay Leno and Dennis Miller, Dies at 71

Emmy-winning writer and comedian Kevin Rooney died on July 9 at home in Los Angeles after a long battle with diabetes and end-stage renal failure, his wife Carole Raphaelle Davis and friend and former assistant Jay Mandyam tell The Hollywood Reporter. Rooney was 71. A stand-up veteran who worked with Jay Leno and mentored Judd Apatow among other young comics, Rooney won two Emmys, in 1994 and 1995, for writing on HBO’s Dennis Miller Live.More from The Hollywood ReporterBob Rafelson, Director of 'Five Easy Pieces' and Co-Creator of 'The Monkees,' Dies at 89William Richert, Writer-Director of 'Winter Kills,' Dies at 79Bobbie...
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Dennis Miller Is Abandoning His Show On Russian State TV In Response To The Invasion Of Ukraine

If you were unaware that Dennis Miller still has a TV show on the air, then you’re clearly not in the habit of watching propaganda TV. Since March 2020, Dennis Miller + One has been running on RT America, a U.S.-based news channel that’s funded by the Russian government (Miller’s show took over the slot formerly occupied by Larry King Now). While the SNL alum has had no qualms about cashing checks from the Kremlin before, Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine is apparently where Miller has drawn the line in what he can, in good conscience, abide by.

Dennis Miller to end his RT America show following Russia's invasion of Ukraine

The SNL alum had hosted the twice-weekly Dennis Miller + One on the Russia-backed TV network since March 2020. As The Daily Beast notes, "the comedian and conservative pundit’s show, like many on RT America, is produced by Ora TV and is licensed to the Russia-controlled network, which registered as a foreign agent in the United States in 2017. The show was largely a one-on-one interview series focused on entertainment and pop culture." RT has been losing its TV outlets since Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Roku Joins DirecTV In Removing RT America In Wake Of Russian Invasion Of Ukraine — Update

Click here to read the full article. UPDATE, 5:08 PM PT: Roku is removing RT from all of its channel stores, including those in the United States, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. A Roku spokesperson confirmed the decision on Tuesday. The announcement follows DirecTV’s decision to drop RT America, which is the sister network of Russia Today. Roku had previously announced that it was removing RT from its European channel stores. PREVIOUSLY: DirecTV has dropped RT America, the sister network to Russia Today, in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The satellite service was one of the largest U.S. distributors of RT, along with...

Ashland law director 'looking into' Dennis Miller residency complaint

ASHLAND — The Ashland City Law Director is “looking into” a complaint filed against Dennis Miller that claimed the Ward 3 councilman lives in another part of the city. Questions surrounding Miller’s residency came up last week when Heather Sample, a former candidate for Ashland City Council’s Ward 2 seat, filed a complaint with the Ashland City Law Director’s office.