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How abortion access and Roe v. Wade gave sexual assault survivor Debbie Millman another way out

Editor’s note: The following story deals with suicide. If you have suicidal thoughts, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255 (En Español: 1-888-628-9454; Deaf and Hard of Hearing: 1-800-799-4889). For suicide prevention resources from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, click here. This story also includes descriptions...
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The Creative Life: Debbie Millman and Roxane Gay

Designer Debbie Millman and author Roxane Gay visited the University at Albany for a conversation with WAMC’s Joe Donahue as part of The Creative Life: A Conversation Series on Tuesday, November 2, 2021 at the UAlbany Performing Arts Center on the University at Albany’s Uptown Campus. A UAlbany...
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Inside My Collection: Roxane Gay and Debbie Millman

Roxane Gay is known for her laser-sharp wit in cultural criticism and nonfiction works, but lesser known is her growing practice as an art collector. Her partner—writer, artist, educator, and curator Debbie Millman—has steadily amassed an impressive trove of contemporary art that ranges from outsider art to. Andy...
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Mahaiwe and The Mount to co-present conversation with Debbie Millman and Roxane Gay

GREAT BARRINGTON —The Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center and The Mount will co-present a conversation with couple Debbie Millman and Roxane Gay about Millman’s new book, “Why Design Matters: Conversations with the World’s Most Creative People,” on Sunday, May 15 at 4 p.m. “As our existence...
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Debbie Millman Discusses Her Book Why Design Matters

Storybound is a radio theater program designed for the podcast age. Hosted by Jude Brewer and with original music composed for each episode, the podcast features the voices of today’s literary icons reading their essays, poems, and fiction. In the premiere episode of season 5, Debbie Millman discusses her...
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Podcast Pioneer Debbie Millman Shares What She’s Learned from 17 Years of Creative Conversations

Podcasts are ubiquitous in our culture, taking up a hefty slice of the modern media landscape. Maybe their appeal comes from accessibility, since anyone with an opinion and an adequate recording device can take a whack at it—for better or for worse. But in 2005, most of us had probably never heard the term podcast, even interview veteran and PRINT’s own Editorial Director, Debbie Millman.

After 17 Years of Design Matters, Debbie Millman is Just Getting Started

In an interview with the American artist Deborah Kass, Debbie Millman, the host of the podcast Design Matters, begins by asking whether it’s true that Kass can’t live without Bounty paper towels. Stunned, Kass confirms it is and asks Millman where she gets her information. “Oh, I have my sources, and I never give them away,” she replies. They both laugh, and this seemingly innocuous question gives way to a riveting conversation about the famed artist’s life.
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In a new anthology, Debbie Millman distills 17 years of conversations about design and creativity

When Debbie Millman launched her now-iconic podcast Design Matters in 2005, it was the very first podcast about design. Seventeen years later, the designer, educator, and branding consultant has expanded the definition of design to include a wild variety of creatives who make things happen, be it a book, a song, or a work of art. “It’s about a deliberate choice to create something,” she told me on a recent Zoom call.
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Debbie Millman on Why Design Matters

It will come as no surprise that the cover of Debbie Millman’s new book, Why Design Matters: Conversations With the World’s Most Creative People, is immediately striking—the title emblazoned in wide-set red type, with a thick scribble looping in and around the letters. Millman, a legend of design, as well as a prolific author, educator, curator, and pioneering podcast host, drew the scribble herself: a bold, gestural line that dances across nearly every inch of white space before eventually tying itself up. (She later reveals it was one of a hundred or so.)

Debbie Millman explores why design matters in an upcoming new book

If you're at all plugged into the creative world, then the name Debbie Millman will likely need little introduction. Since 2005 she has been the host of Design Matters, a podcast where she talks to leading figures in the creative industry to learn what makes them tick and how they've forged a career in this sometimes turbulent vocation. With her personable presenting style and enlightening conversations, it's no surprise that the podcast has become a hit with creatives from all walks of life.

Dialogs: Podcaster/Designer Debbie Millman Talks About Why Design Matters and What We Can Do About It

Debbie Millman has been podcasting since before there were podcasts. She has produced more than 500 interviews over the 16+ years she has been talking about why Design Matters. She started interviewing graphic designers, illustrators, typographers and others whose lives revolve around the printed word and printed imagery and soon went on to conversations with actors, musicians, playwrights, photographers, public intellectuals and writers of all sorts. Her goal is to get people to talk about “how they have designed the arc of their creative lives.” They are people for whom design—in the broadest sense of the word—matters too.