Debbie Friedman

These 10 iconic Debbie Friedman songs are exactly what we need right now

It's hard to believe, but Saturday marks 10 years since the passing of Jewish musical icon Debbie Friedman, who died of pneumonia on Jan. 9, 2011, at age 59. If you grew up in the Reform movement - especially if you ever attended a Shabbat song session at a Reform Jewish camp - you are undoubtedly familiar with the singer-songwriter's vast and gorgeous musical repertoire. Influenced by folk artists like Peter, Paul and Mary, Friedman's music is modern, moving and wide ranging, from the soothing and somber "Mi Shebeirach" to the raucous and joyous "Miriam's Song."

Local musicians pay tribute to Debbie Friedman

Debbie Friedman, an American singer and songwriter, left behind a wealth of Jewish music when she died in 2011. This week, nine cantors, cantorial singers and Jewish performers in Greater Phoenix will pay tribute to her life and legacy in a virtual “Dear Debbie” concert the evening of Saturday, Jan. 30.
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