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Debbie Allen On Black Dancers Setting Trends: 'They've Been Emulating Us Since We Got Off The Ship'

The 'Fame' icon was honored at Dance Theatre of Harlem's Annual Vision Gala with the Arthur Mitchell Vision Award. “God save the queen,” said Dance Theatre of Harlem dancer Dylan Santos as I asked him for words of gratitude for Debbie Allen. Simple yet powerful, Santos shared these words with me during our red carpet interview as he mentally prepared to showcase his choreographed piece Odalisques Variations, which would be performed at this year’s Dance Theatre of Harlem Annual Vision Gala honoring the 1990 ESSENCE cover star. Santos’ appreciation for the visual and performing arts was evident as he graced the step-and-repeat with a one-of-a-kind black sequined look with a floor-length velvet durag and pearl accents on the waist of his pants.

Quick Q&A with LPGA Amateur Member Debbie Allen

The LPGA is committed to changing the face of golf, making the sport we love more diverse, accessible, and inclusive. This month we are proud to share the stories of our Black Tour players, teachers, amateurs, and junior golfers as we celebrate Black History Month. Title/Employer: Researcher, Ohio Department of...

Debbie Allen: Breaking Fiction

I learned how to paint the prettiest pictures with my words at a young age. It gave me retreat from the actuality that my existence held limited matter in its being. A disdain that grew roots in a world that constantly left me hung upside-down with no resource of strength to right myself into a standing position.
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Horoscopes Jan. 16, 2022: Debbie Allen, put yourself and those you love first

CELEBRITIES BORN ON THIS DAY: Max Joseph, 40; Richard T. Jones, 50; Debbie Allen, 72; John Carpenter, 74. Happy Birthday: Evaluate your life and what you aspire to accomplish, and implement the changes that will encourage you to tweak or remove whatever is standing between you and the happiness you deserve. Embrace what is available that brings you joy, and surround yourself with the people who bring out the best in you. Put yourself and those you love first. Your numbers are 9, 15, 24, 26, 31, 38, 43.

Debbie Allen Dance Academy Adds Academics With Middle School Curriculum

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – Debbie Allen, perhaps most recognizable for her role as a dance teacher on the TV show “Fame,” is also known for her 22-year-old dance academy, and now there’s a middle school that goes with it. Debbie Allen looks on as the inaugural sixth grade class are instructed in academics. (CBSLA) The school, called the Debbie Allen Dance Academy or DADA, has now added academics, a dream that became a reality this last fall. “It has been a dream for me for the last, probably, 8 to 10 years wanting to do it and finally, we did it,” Allen said. Ella...