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‘1883: The Bass Reeves Story’ Star David Oyelowo Reveals Whether Show Will Crossover With ‘Yellowstone’

David Oyelowo will portray a legendary Wild West law man in a new 1883 and Yellowstone spinoff titled 1883: The Bass Reeves Story, Paramount+ announced this week. The studio included the news in a much-celebrated press release announcing the participation of Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren in yet another spinoff called 1932. Though the timelines and stories will not necessarily overlap, all of the shows in creator Taylor Sheridan’s western universe — including The Bass Reeves Story — will share the same rugged sensibility and dramatic plot lines that fans love about Yellowstone.
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'1883: The Bass Reeves Story' Star David Oyelowo Teases 'Lot of Strands' in Spinoff Series (Exclusive)

David Oyelowo's Yellowstone spinoff will profile a legendary lawman of the Wild West. Oyelowo is set to star in the 1883 spinoff 1883: The Bass Reeves Story, announced Paramount+ on May 17. The news was revealed in a press release about Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren joining the cast of 1932, a prequel to Yellowstone. Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan is behind all Yellowstone shows.

David Oyelowo concerned Will Smith’s slap will be detrimental to the ‘ongoing push for inclusion’

David Oyelowo has opened up about Will Smith’s slap at the 2022 Oscars, saying he fears it could impact Hollywood’s “ongoing push for inclusion”.The Emmy nominated actor has witnessed first-hand many dramatic Oscar scenes, including Selma’s snub for Best Actor and Best Director, which jumpstarted the #OscarsSoWhite trend, and the accidental announcement of La La Land as Best Picture in 2017, for which his reaction went viral. However, the events that transpired after Chris Rock jokingly likened Jada Pinkett Smith to “GI Jane,” have left Oyelowo fearful of the negative effect it could have on the diversity within the...

Guest Column: David Oyelowo On the Will Smith Slap, the Intersection of Race and Bias

I’ve never heard or used the word “processing” more than I have in the days since these last Oscars. Having been in the room where it happened, I’ve been beset by questions from journalists, friends, family members and people I haven’t heard from in a long time. My answer has remained the same as I’ve also heard from others. “I’m still processing what just happened.” My experiences of attending the Oscars over the last few years have been steeped in unexpected drama and a constant intersection of public opinion, politics and race. In 2015, I had a front-row seat to the...

David Oyelowo Details ‘Ugly’ and Racially ‘Coded’ Encounter After Will Smith’s Oscars Incident

Click here to read the full article. The repercussions of Best Actor winner Will Smith attacking presenter Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars are still being felt by Hollywood, especially Black stars. Emmy nominee David Oyelowo published a guest column for The Hollywood Reporter detailing the ripple effect of the now-infamous Oscars slap. Oyelowo has been a bystander to a number of dramatic episodes at the Oscars, from “Selma” being snubbed for Best Actor and Best Director igniting #OscarsSoWhite in 2015 to his viral reaction to “La La Land” being mistakenly announced Best Picture. “But like most of us, nothing could have...

Mo McRae and David Oyelowo on 'A Lot of Nothing', One-Shot Openers, and Conversation Starting Films

In his feature debut, Mo McRae directs and produces a thrilling and chaotic film called A Lot of Nothing. To anyone in the world, James (Y'lan Noel) and Vanessa (Cleopatra Coleman) would seem like the picture of a perfectly happy couple. Married, successful in their careers, and living comfortably, they seem to be people to look up to. But when a tragedy is reported in a news, a child is killed by a cop, and they find out the cop is their next-door neighbor (Justin Hartley), their lives soon take a sharp turn.

In ‘The Girl Before,’ David Oyelowo Is the Perfect Villain

From playing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Selma to portraying a lonely veteran on the brink of a breakdown in Nightingale, throughout his 20-plus-year career, David Oyelowo has inhabited a range of characters. But in the new HBO Max limited series The Girl Before, the Nigerian Brit steps into something new: the villain.
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‘The Girl Before’ Star David Oyelowo Breaks Down Its Twist Ending

David Oyelowo isn’t eager to inhabit a minimalist home like his character from “The Girl Before.” “It would probably be fun for a weekend as a novelty, but this is not the place for me,” he says. “If Edward Monkford were my landlord, I think he would murder me.”