David Osborne

David Osborne conducting charity Valentine’s performance in Clarksville

World-renowned Steinway Artist, Las Vegas Star and "Pianist to the Presidents", David Osborne will conduct a Valentine’s Day – Romance themed charity performance in Clarksville, VA. All proceeds will benefit Mecklenburg County’s Encore! Kids program. Thursday, February 17 2022, 7-8:30 PM at Clarksville Baptist Church (CBC), 210...
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Speaker of the House David Osborne Presented with 2021 Kentucky Chamber MVP Award

On Friday, House Speaker David Osborne was presented the Chamber MVP Award at the 2022 Legislative Preview Conference by Kentucky Chamber Chair Diane Medley, MCM CPAs and Advisors, and Kentucky Chamber President and CEO Ashli Watts. Osborne was among a select group of legislators who “went to bat” for Kentucky business during the 2021 Kentucky General Assembly.

David Osborne Continues to See Potential in Digital Currencies and Other Disruptive Investments

Saving and investing for the future is incredibly important and having a seasoned investment professional by your side can help you reach your goals. One individual that has helped many clients over the years is David Walter Osborne. While Osborne has focused on traditional investments in the past, he is continuing to focus more on investing in digital currencies and other disruptive investments. There are several reasons why these investments are intriguing to him and other investors that are looking to maximize returns.

David Osborne of Pebble Beach Examines How Much Money Athletes Should Set Aside for Their Families

Over his many years as a financial advisor, David Osborne of Pebble Beach has helped many athletes who want to support family members. His advice has helped these professionals avoid spending too much money or overextending themselves. In this way, he has helped make it simpler for his clients to help others and enjoy the money that their talents have earned them.

David Osborne of Pebble Beach Discusses Setting up a 401K for an Athlete

David Osborne of Pebble Beach has seen far too many high-earning athletes retire early and find themselves without any cash to draw on, becoming another warning story for new professional athletes. Thankfully, he has also helped many of these potential case studies retire wealthy by funneling much of their cash into a 401K or a retirement strategy that keeps them well-funded and happy with life for years to come.