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David Muir to lead ABC News' breaking news duties after George Stephanopoulos reportedly "threatened to walk to a rival network"

On Monday night, it was revealed that World News Tonight anchor Muir would become the lead breaking news anchor for special reports and other news of national importance, while Stephanopoulos may anchor similar breaking news in the morning. Muir's promotion recognizes his status as the No. 1 nightly network news anchor. Meanwhile, Stephanopoulos' unique title as ABC News "chief anchor" will be abolished. CNN's Brian Stelter reports that Muir's additional duties came with "a whole lot of drama" that included Stephanopoulos threatening to leave ABC News for a rival network. Former Disney CEO Bob Iger had to fly across the country to resolve the dispute. "At issue was a title, 'chief anchor,' and a key network news responsibility: leading special coverage of breaking news stories and special events," reports Stelter. "Those special reports have been helmed by Stephanopoulos for the better part of a decade. Now Muir will have that responsibility on top of his World News Tonight anchor role. Stephanopoulos, the co-anchor of GMA on weekdays and This Week on Sundays, will be adding a production company and prime time specials to his portfolio. Sources said that he will create new shows for Disney-owned platforms like Hulu and National Geographic. Now, no one at ABC News will have the title of 'chief anchor.'" As Stelter notes, the "chief anchor" title was invented because Stephanopoulos wanted to anchor World News Tonight, but ABC considered him too important for Good Morning America to leave the morning news show. So ABC News named Muir World News Tonight anchor and made Stephanopoulos "chief anchor" to make him stand out as the network's most important anchor.
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Even George Stephanopoulos Can’t Deny David Muir’s ‘World News Tonight’ Ratings Turnaround

ABC News’ nightly newscast has made huge strides in viewership since the Diane Sawyer era, hence Muir’s recent promotion. ABC News veteran George Stephanopoulos may be upset to relinquish the throne for breaking news to evening anchor David Muir, but even Stephanopoulos can’t deny the ratings turnaround that Muir has provided for ABC’s “World News Tonight.”
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The Real Reason George Stephanopoulos Threatened To Quit ABC Over David Muir

There seems to be some tension in the newsroom between two of America's most beloved news anchors, George Stephanopoulos and David Muir. You see, Stephanopoulos has been a part of the ABC family since 1997, and has been the network's Chief Anchor since 2014, however, much to the seasoned journalist's dismay, Muir has been taking on the responsibilities of a Chief Anchor.
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David Muir to Lead Breaking-News Duties at ABC

David Muir will start to lead breaking-news duties at ABC News, a new effort by the Walt Disney unit to rework an unorthodox arrangement involving two of its top anchors. Under a new structure, Muir will largely handle the bulk of ABC News’ special reports and news of national importance, while George Stephanopoulos, the “Good Morning America” and “This Week” anchor may shepherd similar efforts in the morning, according to three people familiar with the matter. Since 2014, when Diane Sawyer stepped down from her tenure on “World News Tonight,” Stephanopoulos was recognized as ABC News’ “Chief Anchor,” and had led coverage of events of critical importance, presidential debates and elections. He has often been paired with Muir and Linsey Davis, an anchor who leads a program on the network’s streaming-video hub, ABC News Live. That title will no longer be utilized.
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George Stephanopoulos is branded 'petty and pathetic' for 'whining' over Chief Anchor role and threatening to quit the network because David Muir had been promoted when he earns at least $15million-a-year

George Stephanopoulos has been branded 'pathetic' and 'out of touch with reality' for 'whining' about losing the Chief Anchor title at ABC News earlier this year after David Muir was promoted when he earns $15million-a-year. Disney boss Bob Iger flew from California to New York earlier this year to broker...

After Reports of a Bumpy Transition, David Muir Is Now ABC News Lead Anchor

Apparently there was earlier this year, but it has since been resolved. In a report published Monday evening, CNN’s Brian Stelter writes: “Earlier this year tensions between George Stephanopoulos and David Muir boiled over to the point that Stephanopoulos threatened to walk to a rival network, according to sources close to the matter.”
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David Muir to Head Up Breaking News Duties for ABC News

In a shakeup at ABC News, David Muir will now lead breaking news coverage for the network, including nationally important news and special reports, alongside his continuing “World News Tonight” anchor duties, an individual with knowledge of the matter tells TheWrap. ABC News declined to comment. The shift comes following...