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David Lynch Doesn't Know What's Happening in Justin Theroux's Mulholland Drive Scenes Either

Eagle Scout, weather forecaster, coffee entrepreneur, musician, painter, oh, and a singularly unique filmmaker whose work has landed his last namesake (Lynchian) recently into to the Oxford English Dictionary, David Lynch has discombobulated audiences for decades with his dream-like, disjointed films that magically melt the mundane with mystery and menace. Recently, Justin Theroux discussed his collaborations with Lynch, Mullholland Drive and Inland Empire, and allows us to all heave a sigh of relief; even the creator himself wants to "find out" what the films are all about.
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Justin Theroux Says Even David Lynch Didn’t Know What Was Going on During His ‘Mulholland Drive’ Scenes

David Lynch is notorious for his lightning-in-a-bottle approach to directing actors on set, often keeping them as shrouded in mystery as he is about the real meaning behind a given scene. Such was the case for Justin Theroux, who talked about making 2001’s “Mulholland Drive” during a recent sit-down with IndieWire’s Ben Travers in honor of his Apple TV+ series “The Mosquito Coast.” Watch below.
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20 directors who hate their own films, from David Lynch to David Fincher

There's no denying that making a film is difficult.Not only does getting a story from script to screen cost millions (at least, those with well-known actors do), but it also requires both cast and crew to devote years to a singular project.Despite filmmaking being a labour of love, there are still occasions when a director – the person who arguably spends the most amount of time working on a film – can dislike the final results.The majority of cases stem from studio interference: when filmmakers have to make changes to their work due to creative differences with the financiers.Other...
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‘Caveat’ Review: David Lynch Meets ‘Saw’ in Unnerving Irish Horror Movie

Here’s a free bit of life advice: If someone offers you money to babysit their disturbed adult niece in the remote County Cork house where her father recently killed himself, don’t take it. Isaac (memorable newcomer Jonathan French) knows there has to be a catch, but paying gigs are few and far between for an institutionalized drifter who suffers from memory loss, and his potential employer Moe (Ben Caplan) claims to be an old friend. It’s worth noting that he doesn’t claim to be a very good one.

Laura Dern Says David Lynch Is Up To Something “Radical And Fantastic”

In an interview published today by Elle.com, a coy Laura Dern revealed she had a cappuccino with David Lynch and suggested fans have all the right to be excited. We are very in touch. He’s my family. I may have just enjoyed a cappuccino in his company. And he is never not making art. He is my great inspiration in life. And I think fans should expect more and more radical, boundary-less art from David Lynch. I know it will make my life better.
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David Lynch directs new Donovan video

Donovan (yes, that Donovan) has a new video out for "The Shaman." The video was directed by David Lynch (yes, that David Lynch). What connects these two artists? They are both avid practitioners (and champions) of Transcendental Meditation. The song was first recorded in 2010 at David Lynch's Asymmetrical Studio in L.A. and Lynch plays guitar textures on the track.
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This new video by Donovan was directed by David Lynch

Scottish folk-psychedelic musician Donovan received the David Lynch treatment in the video for his song, "I Am The Shaman." Shot in black and white, with double exposures, reverse audio, and ambient hissing, Donovan sings of being "on an elfin sea in a ship of filigree." And while we're here, we...

David Lynch Directs a Surreal Music Video for Scottish Psychedelic Folk Singer Donovan’s 75th Birthday

It’s been four years since Twin Peaks: The Return went off the air and a whopping 15 years since David Lynch last directed a feature film, but the filmmaker at least has been gracing us with his regular weather reports, and occasionally, a short film. So it’s always a blessing when Lynch unleashes his surreal brand of artistry, even in a five-minute music video. Lynch directed a music video for Donovan‘s 2010 track “I Am the Shaman,” in honor of the Scottish psychedelic folk singer’s 75th birthday. And Lynch has created some psychedelic imagery to match the music. Watch it below.

David Lynch Directs a New Music Video for Donovan

I often feel Scottish singer-songwriter Donovan has been misunderstood. When he shows up these days, it’s in songs like his creepy “Hurdy Gurdy Man” and “Season of the Witch,” in films and TV series about serial killers. This may leave younger viewers with the impression that the psychedelic folk hero went down some scary musical paths. But those who remember Donovan in his heyday remember him as the singer of “Sunshine Superman,” his biggest hit, and “Mellow Yellow,” which hit Number 2 in the U.S. in 1966. The following year, he urged his listeners to wear their love like heaven, in verses that rivaled Syd Barrett’s for their love of color: “Color in sky, Prussian blue / Scarlet fleece changes hue.”

David Lynch Did It! One Year Of Daily Weather Reports

It’s been exactly one year since David Lynch brought back his daily weather reports and by golly, if you can believe it, he’s been describing the weather in L.A. ever since. Every day, once a day, for an entire year, David Lynch brightened up our day during these dark times of lockdowns and being socially distanced from our loved ones.
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David Lynch Directs New Video for Donovan Song “I Am the Shaman”: Watch

David Lynch has produced a song by Donovan and directed the video, as BrooklynVegan notes. It’s called “I Am the Shaman,” and you can check it out below. The song was mixed by Lynch’s frequent collaborator Dean Hurley. According to a message from Donovan at the end of the video, the song is intended to raise money for education about Transcendental Meditation.

Donovan Links Up with David Lynch for New Song and Video “I Am the Shaman”

Today is Scottish musician Donovan’s 75th birthday, and to celebrate he’s released a new song and video that were both produced and directed by fellow Transcendental Meditation enthusiast David Lynch. It’s called “I Am the Shaman,” and it’s pretty spooky!. “It was all impromptu. I visited the studio and David...
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David Lynch Directs Psychedelic Music Video to Celebrate Donovan’s 75th Birthday — Watch

Whatever David Lynch has coming down the pike in terms of film or TV projects is anyone’s guess, but the beloved director has served up a very, well, Lynchian slice of filmmaking while we wait. To celebrate the Scottish psychedelic folk singer Donovan’s 75 birthday (that’s today, May 10), Lynch has directed a new video for “I Am the Shaman,” a 2010 track that Lynch also produced. The filmmaker’s sonic fingerprints are apparent in the droning ambient aura of the song’s sound design. Check out the new video below.