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Kevin Durant to David Letterman on marijuana: ‘I’m actually high right now’

It’s legal in New York, New Jersey and 16 other states but marijuana carries a stigma and Kevin Durant, avid user, is out to de-stigmatize weed. In an interview with David Letterman (who showed up at Nets Media Day back in September) that will air later this month, KD talks about his investment in WeedMaps an app that helps users locate marijuana dispensaries ... and his personal use.
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Kevin Durant Discusses Marijuana in Netflix Interview with David Letterman

Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant discussed the stigma regarding the use of marijuana among athletes and said he regularly smokes weed in an interview with David Letterman. "To me, it clears the distractions out of your brain a little bit. Settles you down. It's like having a glass of wine," Durant said in an advance of the interview provided to Bleacher Report by Netflix.

David Letterman Couldn’t Resist Cracking A Joke About Dave Chappelle’s Onstage Attack

As with David Letterman’s take on the Will Smith-Chris Rock smacking incident (“no one got hit” when I hosted the Oscars), he’s also got something to say about Dave Chappelle being attacked at one of last week’s Hollywood Bowl dates of the Netflix Is A Joke festival. Dave, as well, was performing over the weekend (at the Fonda Theater) as part of the ongoing Netflix set of dates, and he put his own special spin on the subject.

David Letterman Opens Show With Cracks About Dave Chappelle On-Stage Attack, And Netflix Released Video

Dave Chappelle experienced a pretty scary experience this past week, as the veteran comedian was attacked on stage while doing a comedy show at the Hollywood Bowl. At this point, the entertainer seems to be doing fine and even addressed the events during a subsequent show. Others are also chiming in on the matter, including TV staple David Letterman. The former talk show host did so by cracking a joke about it while opening his own show, and there’s even video, courtesy of Netflix.

See David Letterman Joke About Dave Chappelle Incident at Netflix Is a Joke Fest

Click here to read the full article. David Letterman joked about the Dave Chappelle incident — where an audience member tackled the comedian onstage — during the late night icon’s appearance Friday at the Netflix Is a Joke Fest. The streaming service released footage of Letterman’s bit Saturday. Onstage at the Fonda Theater, Letterman looked out at the audience and jumped back in mock terror after he saw someone running in the aisles. After calming down, Letterman quipped, “I’m sorry — thought I saw a guy coming up here. It’s just a waiter? I’m so sorry. It’s just been a little alarming...

David Letterman reacts to Dave Chappelle attack

“Oh, geez-uh — what the… Holy crap!” Letterman shouted in mock panic during a Netflix Is a Joke comedy festival performance, before telling the crowd, “I’m sorry, I thought I saw a guy comin’ up here.” Chappelle was attacked Tuesday night during Night 4 of a four-night Netflix Is a Joke residency at the Hollywood Bowl.

David Letterman shares unexpected message for comedy fans after Dave Chappelle incident

David Letterman shared an unexpected message in reference to the Dave Chappelle incident during a comedy set.The TV interviewer was performing at the Netflix Is a Joke festival in Los Angeles on Friday (6 May) when he addressed the moment that Chappelle was attacked on stage.Chappelle was on stage at the Hollywood Bowl on Tuesday (3 May) when a man “lunged” at him. The attacker was detained by security and removed from the scene. Police later revealed that the man, who was identified as Isiah Lee, was armed with a replica gun “that can eject a knife blade”...

David Letterman Pokes Fun at Dave Chappelle Attack: “How Many of You Would Like to Hit Me?”

David Letterman took the stage for a Netflix Is a Joke Festival event Friday and appeared to respond to the recent attack on Dave Chappelle at the Hollywood Bowl. Letterman hosted a live comedy show from the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles that also featured fellow comics Rosebud Baker, Phil Wang and Sam Morril. At the start of the evening, the longtime CBS late-night mainstay thanked the audience for attending and then made apparent reference to Chappelle getting attacked Tuesday night at a different Netflix Is a Joke event.More from The Hollywood ReporterJohn Mulaney Headlines Hollywood Bowl Amid Heightened Security Awareness...