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Middle-class drug users share blame for deaths of black children ‘pimped by crime bosses, says David Lammy

Middle class drug users share the blame for the deaths of black children “pimped” out by crime bosses on Britain’s streets, David Lammy says. Labour’s shadow Justice Secretary and MP for Tottenham rounds on Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, for failing to make the drugs trade a national priority despite an ‘epidemic’ of associated violent crime.
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David Lammy tops Labour poll as party’s best spokesperson

The inaugural survey by Labour in Communications (LIC), comprised of Labour members and supporters working in public affairs, corporate comms and PR, polled its 800 members on a range of issues. Just over 100 of its members answered questions including what the party’s comms strategy should focus on and which...

Boris Johnson ‘standing in the way of young people who want to end racial inequality’, says David Lammy

The Prime Minister is “standing in the way” of young people who want to end racial inequality in the UK by denying its existence, David Lammy has said. In response to a new report on race in the UK, which found no evidence of “institutional racism” in the country despite “overt” prejudice, Mr Lammy said “an entire generation” had been let down by the Government choosing “to divide us” rather than tackle inequality.
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David Lammy hailed for perfect response to caller who says he’ll ‘never be English’

Labour MP David Lammy has been hailed as the “best of Britain” after he taught LBC listeners a thing or two about what it means to be “English”.The shadow justice secretary was hosting a phone-in on Monday, to discuss calls to scrap the term “BAME”.A woman, named Jean, joined in the conversation to tell Lammy: "You will never be English because you’re African-Caribbean.”Asking her why he could never be English, she repeated “because you’re African-Caribbean,” adding: “I can’t say I’m African-Caribbean.”Lammy then provided a “little bit of history” on the situation, telling her: "Britain 400 years ago started going...
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‘Don’t tell me I’m not’: David Lammy responds to woman who tells him he can’t be African-Caribbean and English

The Labour MP David Lammy has been commended for calmly explaining to someone that his African-Caribbean heritage, and the fact he is black, does not stop him also being English.Mr Lammy appeared on LBC radio to speak about Boris Johnson’s racial disparity commission recommending the term Bame is “unhelpful and redundant”, and should no longer be used. The long-disputed acronym – which stands for Black, Asian and minority ethnic – “overshadows the fact people from different ethnic groups have varying life experiences and should not be grouped together in one umbrella term”, the commission is set to report.“Thank God...
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David Lammy makes another powerful point about racism following viral clip about ‘being English’

Labour MP David Lammy has responded to his viral conversation with a caller who claimed he will “never be English”.Speaking on LBC, the shadow justice secretary addressed the conversation he had earlier in the week with an 80-year-old caller named Jean – which prompted a huge reaction – and asked people to be “gentler” with individuals who express problematic views, and instead focus on institutionalised racism.He said: “There are a few people who have said some really vile things about Jean online and I really want to disassociate myself from that.“All of us have had a grandparent of a...

David Lammy among vocal critics as government’s racism report gets slammed

David Lammy delivered a stirring response to the government’s diversity report after the Commission on Race and Ethnic disparities found no evidence of “institutional racism” in Britain. The Labour MP listed the names of families who had suffered first hand from institutional racism on his LBC show this morning. He...

David Lammy shows what opposition really looks like with trademark speech

David Lammy delivered a blistering speech in the House of Commons as he stepped in to fight for “every single on of us”, activist Femi Oluwole said. The shadow secretary of state for justice hit out at the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, which passed through parliament at the second reading last night, saying it jeopardises the “fundamental freedoms of protest that the British public hold dear”.

David Lammy reveals why Labour Party are like Tottenham Hotspur

MP David Lammy says the Labour Party are like Tottenham Hotspur – because they ”don’t quite make it”. Lammy, 48, Labour MP for Tottenham since 2000, said his beloved Spurs’ up and down form is much like his own political party. David was speaking on Alastair and Grace Campbell’s podcast...