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Sophie Bille Brahe’s new David Hockney-inspired jewellery collection

‘The way I use pearls breaks with the traditional way of using pearls; I love to add a twist of something modern,’ says Copenhagen-based jewellery designer Sophie Bille Brahe. ‘My pieces are simple and clean, everything unnecessary has been cut away. I have long been fascinated with pearls; they are a classic material, a natural wonder characterised in Greek mythology as the tears of joy shed by the goddess Aphrodite.’
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Artist David Hockney used lockdown as inspiration for new paintings

Artist David Hockney has described living in near isolation in Normandy during the first coronavirus lockdown as “marvellous” – and the inspiration for his new exhibition. The 83-year-old said living for the last two years in a “higgledy-piggledy” house in the middle of the northern French countryside meant he had...
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David Hockney: The Arrival of Spring, Normandy 2020 review – pixels at dawn

Stick-figure trees, synthetic blossoms, felt-pen colours – the power of Hockney’s daily iPad sketches of spring in Normandy is stunted by technology. Springtime with Hockney – what a glorious prospect! Just think of all those darling buds and greening hedgerows, dew on fresh grass, cherry blossom bursting into pink and white froth beneath brilliant blue skies: an ideal antidote to the winter’s lockdown. The subject matter of the artist’s new show is as simple as a child’s primer, and ought to spell out unqualified joy. But something stymies the pleasure of these images: namely, the method of their making.
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David Hockney exhibition unveiled at the Royal Academy

New images created by David Hockney using an iPad have gone on display at the Royal Academy. The digital paintings were created by the artist last year and depict the arrival of spring in Normandy. Edith Devaney, who curated the exhibition, said Hockney was able to create images using an...
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David Hockney is right about Derrida

Hockney is in trouble in these pages (Letters, 11 and 13 May) for thinking it was Derrida’s quip that painting is dead, when the sentiment has been around for 400 years. But in a recent catalogue to a show of his work in Paris, the French curator Donatien Grau explains that Hockney’s reference to Derrida is to the gist of Derrida’s set of essays La Vérité en Peinture of 1978. This gist is that “the legitimacy of painting as representation” had been broken at the time of the “birth of modernity” – a claim that Hockney manifestly resists and in his work triumphantly refutes. His reference to Derrida is precise and apt.
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From David Hockney to Paula Rego – the art exhibitions to see now that art galleries and museums have reopened

As lockdown restrictions ease around the UK and Ireland, a number of public attractions, including galleries and museums, will be permitted to reopen. Commercial galleries in England have been open since 12 April, with public galleries and museums set to reopen their doors today (17 May). For hopeful art fans everywhere, here are some of the exhibitions to look out for. The Last Bohemian: Augustus JohnLady Lever Art Gallery, Liverpool, “Coming soon” – 30 August 2021When government restrictions lift, National Museums Liverpool will launch a brand-new exhibition, The Last Bohemian: Augustus John (1878-1961), which will showcase around 40...
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‘Like a contest entry from a toddler’: David Hockney design for London Underground savaged by public

New artwork created by artist David Hockney for the London Underground has drawn the ire of the general public.The design was unveiled by London Mayor Sadiq Khan, and features a modified version of the London Underground logo, designed to deliberately appear as if it were crudely drawn using Microsoft Paint.Khan described the artwork as “brilliant” in a social media post, though many members of the public were quick to disagree.The piece was commissioned as part of Let’s Do London, a series of major art projects taking place across the UK capital. It has been confirmed that Hockney did the tube...

David Hockney at the Royal Academy, review: a bright, blossom-laden show that would look better on an iPad

On 18 March last year, David Hockney released a picture of daffodils, carrying, in their title, a message to a world already slowing, shutting, isolating, shocked: “Do remember they can’t cancel the spring.” It was an invitation to set our eyes to the bigger picture, to think of continuation, renewal and return, rather than daily threats to life, and the abrupt cessation of customary activity.
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david hockney celebrates the arrival of spring with two exhibitions

David hockey, one of the most important and inventive british artists of the 20th century, is presenting two different shows this month, both showcasing his iPad drawings. the first one will be held at london’s royal academy of the arts and surveys through 116 works the unfolding of spring. the second one comprises a new video work titled remember you cannot look at the sun or death for very long, and it will be displayed on outdoor screens in london, new york, seoul and tokyo.
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David Hockney unveils huge public art installation in London

One of Britain's most singular and celebrated living artists, David Hockney, unveiled a new video project - displayed on London’s Piccadilly Lights screen - this weekend. The film will be shown every evening throughout the month of May at 20:21 and at the same time online via circa.art every evening.
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Worldwide David Hockney digital artwork on view in Times Square, London, Seoul, and Tokyo

A view of electronic billboards introducing animated artwork by British artist David Hockney in Times Square on May 01, 2021 in New York City. The new digital piece, titled "Remember that you cannot look at the sun or death for very long," was unveiled across a network of the world's most iconic outdoor video screens, uniting New York, London, Tokyo, and Seoul throughout May. Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images/AFP.
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New video artwork by David Hockney displayed in central London

A new video artwork by David Hockney has premiered in central London. The artist’s work, titled Remember You Cannot Look At The Sun Or Death For Very Long, appeared on the Piccadilly Lights screen in Piccadilly Circus. It is also being shown on screens in New York, Los Angeles, Seoul...

New, Optimistic Billboards by David Hockney Will Be On Display All Over the World

The artist David Hockney occupies a unique role within the art world. In 2018, his 1972 masterwork Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures) sold at auction at Christie’s for $90.3 million, setting a record for the highest price ever paid for a work by a living artist. For years, however, Hockney has found an endless wellspring of inspiration in an unlikely source: his iPad, which he’s been using to create entire gallery shows and divisive New Yorker covers at an impressive clip. Now, in collaboration with Times Square Arts’ New York Midnight Moment program, Hockney is debuting new video work created on his iPad that will be displayed on billboards in London, New York, Seoul and Tokyo in May.
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David Hockney artwork to be shown in Piccadilly Circus

A new video artwork created by David Hockney is to be displayed in Piccadilly Circus, central London. The artist’s work, titled Remember You Cannot Look At The Sun Or Death For Very Long, will appear on the Piccadilly Lights screen next month. It will also appear on screens in New...