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David Gordon Green Is Co-Writing A Children's Book Called Let's Make A Movie

I love the idea of taking filmmaking down to a kid's level. I've read a whole lot of books on the subject, despite the fact that I don't, in fact, make any films myself or wish to anymore. As I live with a filmmaker, and spend my life interviewing other filmmakers, I am very much in awe of the insane level of craft and talent that goes into it, no matter what the outcome is, or the budget that is being worked with.
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‘The Righteous Gemstones’: David Gordon Green & Jody Hill Tease Having “No Rules” For Season 2 And Beyond [Interview]

As “The Righteous Gemstones” began its Season 2 run on HBO over the weekend, you couldn’t expect its scheming televangelists to stand on ceremony. Indeed, the newest season of Danny McBride’s prosperity gospel satire moves fast to send the blaspheming, self-aggrandizing scions at the show’s center — bumptious Jesse (McBride) and his equally conceited siblings Judy (Edi Patterson) and Kelvin (Adam Devine) — back into battle with one another and their own worst impulses.
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Should Halloween Ends Be The Last Halloween Movie Ever Made? David Gordon Green Has Thoughts

Heading into the new Halloween Kills, we already knew that it would be leading us into a third and final film in a trilogy mapped out by David Gordon Green, titled Halloween Ends. That title has a real sense of finality to it, and we assume it’s going to bring the hostile relationship between Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Michael Myers, which started way back in John Carpenter’s 1978 horror classic, Halloween. But should Halloween Ends be the END of the franchise?

David Gordon Green Teases “Intimate” ‘Halloween Ends’ & Describes The Sequel As A “Coming-Of-Age” Film

Horror is one of the most subjective genres in all of film. In horror, one person’s trash can be another’s treasure. So, while there are some folks that still love David Gordon Green’s recently released sequel, “Halloween Kills,” most people would agree it pales in comparison to his 2018 “Halloween.” This decline has many fans concerned about what they can expect next year when the trilogy-ending “Halloween Ends” hits theaters. Well, according to the filmmaker, expect another major departure in tone and feel.

David Gordon Green Offers Insight Into ‘Halloween Ends’

Prepare for the end…it’ll be here before you know it. David Gordon Green–the filmmaker behind the current Halloween trilogy–is certainly getting ready. Hot on the heels of his successful Halloween Kills, the director is fanning the flames for next year’s Halloween Ends, as reported by, as filming is set to start in January.

David Gordon Green: Halloween Ends will be an intimate movie

David Gordon Green has suggested that 'Halloween Ends' will be a "much more intimate" movie than its predecessor 'Halloween Kills'. The 46-year-old director has helmed the latest trilogy in the slasher franchise and has claimed that the concluding part – which is slated for release next year – will pay homage to John Carpenter, who directed the original 'Halloween' film in 1978.

David Gordon Green Says Halloween Ends Is ‘More Intimate’, And Influenced By Christine

With Halloween Kills, director David Gordon Green went big – spreading the effects of Michael Myers’ violent rampage across the wider Haddonfield area, whipping up a frenzy on the streets of the town itself and over at the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. But if the law of sequel escalation might have you imagining an even bigger third entry to cap off Green’s trilogy, the filmmaker has other plans. Speaking on the Empire Spoiler Special Podcast, he opened up about his smaller-scale plans for the upcoming Halloween Ends – due to arrive this time next year, and pitting the surviving characters against the Shape once more.

Interview: Halloween Kills director David Gordon Green on how classic cinema inspired him and the pressure of taking on an iconic horror franchise

After pushing 2018’s sequel-cum-reboot Halloween to record breaking statistics, it only made sense that writer/director David Gordon Green was handed a sequel to continue revelling in Michael Myers’ carnage. Not only granted a sequel – Halloween Kills – but a trilogy (Halloween Ends, set for a 2022 release) to boot,...

David Gordon Green Teases the Return of Kyle Richards in 'Halloween Ends'

Director and co-writer David Gordon Green spoke to Entertainment Weekly about how Kyle Richards might be back for Halloween Ends, the final chapter of the new Halloween trilogy. Richards showed up on Halloween Kills as Lindsey Wallace, a part she played 43 years earlier on John Carpenter’s original film. In...

David Gordon Green Is Not Worried About The New Hellraiser Movie Competing With His TV Series

There are two different "Hellraiser" projects on the way. There's a new movie from director David Bruckner, and there's also a TV show that will have a pilot episode helmed by "Halloween Kills" director David Gordon Green. Bruckner's film, which will star Jamie Clayton as the new Pinhead, will drop on Hulu, while the "Hellraiser" TV series is headed to HBO, and, by all accounts, both projects are completely separate – they have nothing to do with each other, other than the fact that they're both "Hellraiser" adaptations. Is it going to be weird to have both a new "Hellraiser" movie and a "Hellraiser" TV show? Perhaps, but David Gordon Green isn't worried about that. In a recent interview, Green said that he thinks this whole situation makes for "a fun cultural experiment."

Anthony Michael Hall on ‘Halloween Kills,’ David Gordon Green, and How the Sequel Was Made for the Fans

Shortly before Halloween Kills was released, I got to talk with Anthony Michael Hall in person on the Universal backlot about joining the sequel. It was my first time doing an in person interview since COVID began and as someone that grew up watching Hall’s work in films like Sixteen Candles, Vacation, The Breakfast Club, and Weird Science, it was a bit surreal to be sitting next to him and asking questions.