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Former NFL head coach Dave Wannstedt is 'optimistic' about the Chicago Bears than he has been 'in the last 10 years'

It has not been a great run for the Chicago Bears as of late. The team last went to the Super Bowl in 2007 (where they lost the Indianapolis Colts) and their last appearance before that--during the "Monsters of the Midway" era--dates further back to 1985. Chicago hasn't even won a playoff game since 2010, and the organization is back to square one this season, featuring a new head coach and general manager.
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Bears head coach Dave Wannstedt attends training camp

A former head coach is in the building. Dave Wannstedt, former head coach of the Chicago Bears from 1993-98, was present at Halas Hall for Thursday's practice during training camp. Wannstedt coached at several universities before serving as the defensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys, the head coach of the...

Dave Wannstedt Observes Bears Training Camp

In Lake Forest, Illinois, Chicago Bears training camp is underway. As the team held another practice, they had a special guest in attendance to observe. Former Bears’ head coach and now-sports analyst Dave Wannstedt was in attendance. Coach Wannstedt specifically had a keen eye on the offensive line. Say...
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DeMar DeRozan’s MVP Push, Dave Wannstedt on Justin Fields, Bears-Vikings Recap

Jason begins the show by reminiscing about the time he thought he would die during an Atlanta snowstorm (00:28). DeMar DeRozan is making his case for NBA MVP, but the Bulls are having some injury issues with Alex Caruso’s sprained foot (09:13). Injuries combined with the NBA’s announcement that it won’t pause the season due to COVID-19 could pave the way for an odd 2022 across the league. Dave Wannstedt (NFL on Fox, NBC Sports Chicago) knows what it’s like to feel the pressure of being a head coach in Chicago. Jason gets Wanny’s unique insight on the development of Justin Fields, and what it’s like to be a highly coveted coaching candidate and take over an organization (24:52). Bears fans suffered through another nationally televised embarrassment last night, but Jason points out some of the bright spots to come out of the loss (51:21). Cole Beasley is sidelined due to COVID-19 and after deleting his Twitter, he took to Instagram to bus-toss a vaccinated teammate (01:07:05).

College football realignment not done yet, Dave Wannstedt says

Amid the SEC's growing stature and power within the college sports landscape after the league added Texas and Oklahoma this summer, the ACC, Big Ten and Pac-12 announced an "alliance" between the three conferences on Tuesday that will involve game scheduling as well as a shared vision for the future governance of college athletics. Notably, the Big 12 is not involved.

Dave Wannstedt has some surprising predictions on possible conference realignment moves

Now that the ACC, Big Ten, and Pac-12 have announced an alliance, fans are wondering what that means for the three conferences. A lot of this has to do with scheduling, focusing on football and basketball (both men’s and women’s) but a hidden factor could possibly be realignment with each conference working together to add schools to their respective conferences.

Dave Wannstedt Says FOX Meetings Addressed New Conferences for Several Big 12 Teams

Former Pitt Panthers and Chicago Bears head coach Dave Wannstedt stated on the Mully & Haugh Show on 670 The Score in Chicago today that he was in at a Fox Sports meetings in Phoenix “a week ago, and we were all talking, and a lot of the Big 10 people were all there[. . .]and it sounds like Oklahoma State and Kansas State are going to the Pac-12, so that’s done. It sounds like West Virginia is going to end up in the ACC[. . .], and it sounds like Iowa State and Kansas are going to join, they’re the two schools that are going to join the Big 10.”