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Politics with Michelle Grattan: Dave Sharma, Allegra Spender, and Kerryn Phelps on the contest for Wentworth

In the Wentworth Project, sponsored by the University of Canberra’s Centre for Change Governance and The Conversation, we are tapping into voters’ opinions in this seat, which appears to be on a knife edge. In this podcast we talk with the two main candidates, Liberal incumbent Dave Sharma and “teal” independent Allegra Spender, as well as with Kerryn Phelps, the former independent member in the seat, who has mentored Spender and is on the advisory council of Climate 200, which is donating to her campaign. Sharma says “Kerryn Phelps was a genuine independent candidate or a more traditional independent candidate. […]...
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Aviation Leader Dave Sharma Passes Away at 86

Dave was born in Burma in 1935, where he was one of 6 children and his family escaped from Burma during World War II, relocating to Northern India. Having lost his father at a young age, he became the patriarch of his family and took responsibility for the care of his siblings. In 1958, Vyas immigrated to England where he began his storied career in the airline industry with British Airways. In 1962, he came to New York City, where he worked full time for TWA. There, the airline took note of his work ethic and provided him a scholarship to Baruch College where he earned his MBA. In 1969, he married Suda Bala of Nairobi, Kenya in a traditional Hindu arrangement. They made a home in Forest Hills, Queens for two years before moving to Massapequa, Long Island to start their family.
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Allegra Spender, Carla Zampatti’s daughter, to challenge Dave Sharma in Wentworth at federal election

Allegra Spender, the daughter of Australian fashion designer Carla Zampatti, will vie to win the seat of Wentworth at the federal election from sitting Liberal MP Dave Sharma. Spender, whose father John held the federal seat of North Sydney for the Liberal party from 1980 to 1990, said the party’s lack of action on climate change had forced her to carve her own path.

Politics with Michelle Grattan: Liberal Dave Sharma on 2030 target

Liberal backbencher Dave Sharma, a former diplomat, is an up-and-comer in his party and one of its moderate voices. Holding the progressive electorate of Wentworth, where formerly Malcolm Turnbull was the member and climate change is a significant issue, Sharma was among those Liberal MPs who pressed Scott Morrison on the 2050 target before Glasgow. In this podcast Sharma discusses climate policy, the religious discrimination legislation, a national integrity commission, voter ID, China, and the Liberal party. Asked whether the government should improve its medium-term target at next years climate conference - which the government is not disposed to do...