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Don't let a parent be your creditor | Dave Ramsey

My wife and I have plans to enter the mission field as soon as we have paid off our debt and get a full emergency fund in place. We have only about $12,000 in credit card debt left, and we don’t own a home, but my father does not want this debt to stand in our way. He has offered to pay off the credit cards, and make it a loan where we would pay him back over time. It is a tempting offer, but we both feel strange about accepting it. What do you think we should do?
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Why Dave Ramsey Says You Should Ditch Your Adjustable-Rate Mortgage

You don't want to risk having to pay more over time. An adjustable-rate mortgage can offer some initial savings on your home loan payments. But over time, those payments could get a lot more expensive. Mortgage rates have been on the rise since the start of the year. If you...
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Dave Ramsey Is a Fan of the 15-Year Mortgage. Here's Why

If you have to borrow for a home, you might as well spend less on interest. A 15-year mortgage will leave you with higher monthly payments than a longer-term loan. The interest savings you might reap could be substantial if you go with a 15-year loan. Financial expert Dave Ramsey...

Help them … and help them get help | Dave Ramsey

I finished college a couple of years ago, and I have a good job making $65,000 a year. The only debt I have is about $5,000 remaining on a car loan, and I am paying that off as quickly as possible. At the same time, my mom and dad need repairs on their small house, and I am not sure they can afford to fix things. They both work hard, but they don’t make a lot of money. Plus, they have some debt. I have enough saved to pay for fixing their roof, with plenty left over. What do you think about the idea of pausing to pay off my car to help them? — Samantha.